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W-Series Driver – Sabre Cook

Cut To The Race - Episode 55

Latest Episode | Cut To The Race Podcast

This week on the ‘Cut to the Race’ podcast – Oli, Callum and Dan sat down with star of W-series, Sabre Cook.

A wide range of topics were discussed, from Sabre’s love on IndyCar to the slowly improving role of women in motorsport.

Sabre is one of few drivers who also have a mechanical engineering degree, and the panel ask if his helps her when it comes to her driving.

W-series has a somewhat unusual format, and the panel ask Sabre her thoughts on the short weekends and the new calendar layout, of course talking about the changing role of W-series since it became an F1 support series.It wouldn’t be the Cut to the Race podcast without Sabre taking a trip in the motorsport time machine, and her answer might just be the coolest yet…

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