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The Business of F1 – with Mark Gallagher

Episode 39 - Cut To The Race

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In today’s very special episode, Oli and Matt are joined by F1’s best-connected man: Mark Gallagher.

From corporate board rooms to operations, commentating, and even Hollywood, Mark has done it all. The list of teams and drivers Mark has been involved with is truly staggering. From the likes of Senna, Schumacher,  and Häkkinen, Mark has worked with and been around them all. On the team side, Mark worked with Jordan, Jaguar, and subsequently Red Bull.

He founded his own team in Status Grand Prix that competed in GP2, GP3, world endurance and won the A1 Grand Prix in 2009. Oli and Matt are given a brilliant insight into Mark’s perception of drivers like Hamilton and Vettel in the modern age compared to the heroes of old.

Our team gets Mark to open up on the perception of drivers in the social media age. Have we lost some of the ability to TRULY see and know our drivers through modern content creation practices? Are Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel that dissimilar in their mindset when it comes to the fans in their personal lives?

The panel also does a little bit of deep-diving into the corporate side of things by comparing Haas and Aston Martin’s way of doing business. From PR to sponsorships, to financials a little bit of everything is discussed. Lastly, our trio looks at Red Bull vs Ferrari and how the 2022 regulations could hurt or help the teams. Mark gives his predictions for the 2021 season but gives us a fresh new perspective on how teams may or may not be focusing on the future.

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