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Podcast Ep.4 ‘Surprising Sochi | RussianGP Review’

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Sochi is normally a procession race…


This one was different. Sainz, Stroll and Hamilton all got in trouble.


In this episode:

  • Oli’s learns how to introduce a podcast
  • Emma (having not seen the race) guesses the podium with a chance to brand Matt with a FormulaNerds tattoo.
  • Callum explains why he is the only fan of the RussianGP
  • Johnni explains the race through the eyes of a Haas fan.
  • We laugh about Grosjean, again.
  • Why Lewis got a penalty and the conspiracies behind it
  • Discuss the best bits of the race and our drivers of the day
  • … and of course, we regularly digress.

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