Formula E Winner / F2 / F3 / LeMans Driver – Sam Bir‪d‬

Episode 27 - Cut To The Race

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This week on the “Cut to The Race podcast we have Oli, Callum, Matt, Dan and Emma on the panel and they are joined by Formula E driver Sam Bird.

Sam tells us all about Formula E, the all electric racing series, and why we should be watching more of it as motorsport fans. He guides us through the impact of Formula E on the electric car industry and how important that is for the future.

He talks us through his career to date and how he missed out on a top drive in Formula One, and where he would like to be in the future. Callum is keen to find out what era of racing Sam would love to participate in if he went back in time, plus Dan asks if Sam has any pre-race rituals prompting Emma to find out what is on Sam’s pre-race music playlist. We find out how different his mindset is racing in other series such as Le Mans, and delve into Formula E in more detail including the fan boost, and if the sport could be a feeder series into Formula One. Oli asks Sam about the challenges of Formula E and what the sport needs to do to overcome them. We discuss his championship hopes for this season with Jaguar after his win in Saudi Arabia, his stand out career wins and are introduced to his beautiful little pooch, Buddy.

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