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FIA & F1 Safety Car Driver – Bernd Mayländer

Episode 38 - Cut To The Race

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In today’s episode, Oli, Matt, Callum, and Michael have a sit-down with an F1 institution of over 20 years: FIA safety car driver Bernd Mayländer.

Known best in most circles for leading the Formula 1 pack under a yellow flag, our panel dives into the mindset, experiences, and memories of Bernd’s daily activities.

From safety car testing to his snack of choice in race control, Bernd shares it all. With two of the coolest company cars on the planet (with an Aston Martin Vantage and a Mercedes AMG GT R at his disposal), The Nerds are given some behind-the-scenes insight into his personal preference and just how far the safety car has come. Bernd also takes time to recount some of the harrowing scenes (such as Romain Grosjean’s famous crash in Bahrain) and dive into the mental focus required on race weekend (as well as what makes a safety car driver come to work and enjoy himself as much).

 As the talk progresses to Bernd’s racing achievements, he ends up taking a lap around memory lane in Callum’s racing time machine. Bernd recounts his experiences from endurance racing and a record-setting 100,000 mile drive.

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