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Fabienne Wohlwend | W-Series Fan Favourite

Cut To The Race - Episode 59

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This week on the “Cut to the Race” podcast, Oli, Callum and Emma are joined by W Series driver Fabienne Wohlwend.

Fabienne has a lot of experience racing GT cars in the Ferrari Challenge and the Audi Super Cup. She explains to the panel how different racing GT cars is to single-seater racing during her Formula 4 career and W Series.

She tells us what she is enjoying about the season so far, supporting Formula One, and how she is finding being referred to as a role model for women and young girls.

Callum asks Fabienne to step into the motorsport time machine then Emma asks Fabienne’s opinion on the collision at Silverstone between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. Who does she blame?

Fabienne discusses who her favourite F1 drivers are and who she thinks will take the Mercedes seat next year…..Valtteri Bottas or George Russell?

The show is rounded off with Oli realising he gets Fabienne’s favourite animal wrong, Emma asking for Daniel Ricciardo’s autograph and Callum giving Fabienne tips on how to ask F1 drivers for a selfie.

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