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F1’s Rosanna Tennant

Episode 34 - Cut To The Race

Latest Episode | Cut To The Race Podcast

This week on the “Cut to the Race” podcast, Oli, Callum, and Emma are joined by Formula One presenter, reporter, and occasional podcaster Rosanna Tennant.

Rosanna talks us through her role in F1, how she plans and researches a race weekend, and gives us an insight into everything she is involved in.

The panel grills her on her thoughts on current F1 news such as the Canadian Grand Prix being replaced with Turkey and whether sprint races will work. We also touch on her involvement in the FIA Girls on Track community and how she is an ambassador for women in motorsport.

We talk W Series and how that will shape F1 into becoming more diverse. Rosanna also gives us her spicy predictions on this season. Who does she think will come out on top? Lewis or Max? Mercedes or Red Bull? And who wins the battle for 3rd? McLaren or Ferrari? We also grab her thoughts on the current driver lineup, what they are like to interview and her drivers to watch in F2 and F3.

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