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F1 Commentator CROFTY is on the Show [Episode Rewind]

Cut To The Race - Episode 57

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This week on the ‘Cut to The Race’ podcast, we rewind to a special podcast episode to meet a modern F1 legend.

Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft joins the panel to discuss his thoughts on all things F1 including Daniel Ricciardo’s current performance, the 2022 regulations and why Mercedes aren’t as dominant as we all expected this year. He also touches upon the subject of Valtteri Bottas and whether he thinks the Finn should be replaced at the end of this year.

We ask him how he handles difficult situations on a race weekend such as Romain Grosjean’s horrific accident in Bahrain last year and how he prepares his stats and research for a race weekend. We find out that Crofty is also a darts fan and commentator, and we take him back in time with the FormulaNerds Motorsport Time Machine.

Finally, we test his knowledge in a Nerds first, a quote quiz involving some of Crofty’s best lines.

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