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Disbelief as Grosjean Survives Horror Crash | Bahrain GP 2020 Review

Episode 11 - Cut To The Race

Latest Episode | Cut To The Race Podcast

This week on the panel we welcome Oli, Matt, Will, and Callum to talk us through the first race at Bahrain and their reactions over the course of the (extended) race.

The panel starts off by recounting the extraordinary events and details of Romain Grosjean’s much covered crash. The panel was actually watching the race together as a first too and we get a glimpse into what their interactions and reactions were with one another. With the, sometimes debated HALO saving Romain and allowing him to escape with minor burns, fans the world over will relate to the reaction the team has and how hard it was to watch such an unprecedented accident in this “safe” era of F1. Safety was a very common theme throughout the race broadcast and the podcast episode due to the events on track. Matt gives a very brief overview of just how far we have come from the old days and a few safety implementations since then.

Will provides us with an easily relatable yet in depth look at the Halo system and the impact it has had. The panel also briefly touches on the perception of the modern day F1 driver and remind us of the inherent dangers of motor racing entails.

As always, the gang circle back around to ruminate on Sergio Perez and what next year holds in store for him. From a brilliant race to a fiery retirement to possibilities outside of Formula One all are discussed. Sergio had a very strong race and that could make the decision for Red Bull even more difficult. But what does the press conference slated for Monday, November 30th have in store for us? Will we hear from Red Bull or is Checo being forced to announce the end of his road in F1 for now?

Next week, F1 will run a very high speed iteration of the current Bahrain track. With Mercedes’ dominance and the straights being the key points of contention, the Nerds look ahead to make their best guesses at what the second race holds for us. Some hyperbole leads to a discussion of the largest victories in racing history and some other humorous stats and quips.

To close out this week, our panel takes a brief look at the constructor and driver standings. Who was right in their guesses from last week? What teams and drivers made the biggest strides forward? How cheeky can Callum be if he was right? Overall our lads remembered to keep it light despite the emotional aftermath that was this race. While maybe not the best overall race this year (or even close to it) there’s still plenty to be discussed out in the desert. 

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