Daniel Ricciardo’s Performance Coach – Michael Italiano

Episode 33 - Cut To The Race

On the ‘Cut to the Race’ podcast this week, Oli, Matt, Callum, and Emma are joined by personal trainer and performance coach Michael Italiano.

 Michael is best known for working with McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo and opens up about how he became interested in becoming a performance coach. He talks to us about his involvement with Daniel and F1 and gives us an insight into how important it is for him to stay “race fit”, how often they have to train to stay in shape for a race, and the mischievous things they get up to.

We discuss how the pandemic has forced people to use online workouts at home and the differences between working out at home and working out at the gym. We talk food, nutrition and discuss his coaching Facebook group and website.Finally, he gives Oli some tips on how to get “wedding fit”!

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