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Zak Brown reveals podium bet with Daniel Ricciardo

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It is a well known fact that Cyril Abiteboul has still not received the tattoo he will be getting following Daniel Ricciardo’s first podium for Renualt in 2020. But despite this Daniel has wasted no time in making a new bet with McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown. A bet not involving needles, but involving expensive cars…

When Daniel joined the team, Brown was quick to point out that he hates needles so will not be getting a tattoo. Daniel therefore immediately thought of an alternative arrangement and it seems an agreement may have been reached between the two.

At the Mclaren press launch, Autosport’s Luke Smith asked about a potential bet with Zak Brown, to which Ricciardo replied “We were just having lunch with Zak a couple of hours ago and he mentioned something about him hating needles,”

“I can’t see that tattoo thing happening with Zak. But we’ll think of something else. I know he’s got a pretty good car collection, so maybe we could just bet one of his cars or something.” 

Since the launch it seems talks between the two have progressed. In an interview with Motorsport magazine, Brown revealed  that Daniel could be in with a shot at driving Zak’s very own Dale Earnhardt’s No3 Chevrolet.

Zak Brown has an extensive car collection, but the No3 appears to be the honey badger’s favourite as Ricciardo’s chosen race number 3 was selected in honour of the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion and stock car legend, who he views as a racing hero from his childhood.

“I wonder which one!” Brown joked in the exclusive interview with MotorSport. “I might rather have a tattoo than lose one of those. Then again, I’m desperate for a win, so if he catches me at the right moment… He wants to have a go in my Dale [Earnhardt] Sr car, because he’s a huge fan.

“At a minimum, I’ll let him have a run as long as he brings it back in one piece.”

Brown will be pleased as he avoids the needle, and Danny Ric will be pleased as he gets to drive a beauty of a car!

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