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Toto Wolff and James Vowles in Germany 2019
2019 German Grand Prix, Sunday - Steve Etherington

Wolff: Vowles At Williams Is “of benefit for Formula 1”

The Mercedes Team Principal discussed former Head of Strategy James Vowles leaving to become Williams Team Principal

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It was recently announced former Mercedes Head of Strategy James Vowles would move on to lead Williams as its new Team Principal. Denying rumours of interferences from Brackley, Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff admitted he believes Vowels’ new role will be good for the whole sport. 

Vowles in Silverstone 2018
2018 British Grand Prix, Saturday. Image Credit: Mercedes AMG F1 Media Database | Paul Ripke

Former Mercedes Chief Strategist James Vowles will take on the role of Williams Team Principal from 2023. The announcement came after in the past weeks Jost Capito had left Grove and before the presentation of the new single-seater set to be revealed on the sixth of February.

Vowles, who joined Brackley at the end of 2001, was for the past twenty years a crucial part of the team but, according to Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff, will remain completely independent at Williams.

As quoted by Racer, Wolff denied the German manufacturer will influence Grove through Vowles: “We are all a little bit from the same generation — not age-wise because James is younger but as people who have come up into leadership positions within Formula 1. And that is Fred (Vasseur), Laurent Rossi, Andreas Seidl — there’s all of us. But there’s one thing in common and that’s that we are in these positions to defend our standpoint and our teams, to do everything that’s in our power to prosper.

“If I were able to get involved with James and ask him to (side with) Mercedes, he would tell me to get lost. In that way there was always the speculation that Williams, because of the Mercedes engine, was a subordinate but none of that was true. We never interfered with any kind of driver situation, we always understood the authority of the team management in their own way, and that’s why James is going to do what’s good for the team — he’s going to do what’s going to be good for James in order to bring that forward.”

Wolff then went on to add he believes Vowles’ promotion to be good news for the sport:

 “He’s going to be judged on the team’s success, and if Mercedes is helpful then he will talk about it and if he feels he needs to have a different position then he will stand for that position. So I have zero doubt that this is of benefit for Formula 1 overall because he’s not driven by ego — he’s rational, he’s logical, he understands the sport inside-out and that is a good contribution to what we do.”

Headline Image: Mercedes AMG F1 Media Database

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