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Want a real piece of a Mercedes? Buy an NFT now…

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Ever wanted to own a real piece of a Mercedes F1 car? Here’s your chance, but you’ll have to buy an NFT first…

Ahead of the inaugural Miami Grand Prix, there will be an opportunity to purchase a limited edition Mercedes NFT (non-fungible token). These special Miami NFTs will feature Lewis Hamilton or George Russell’s car and will be available to purchase in an auction.

There will be 10 NFTs available at the auction.

Not only are these NFTs unique for the Miami Grand Prix, but they will also be designed by artist Mad Dog Jones. In addition to Mad Dog Jones designing the NFT, the Mercedes rear wing endplates will have Mad Dog artwork too.

After the auction, which will be on the FTX US NFT marketplace, each successful buyer will also receive a physical piece of the Mad Dog endplate.

All proceeds will go to charity. The charity chosen is Lewis Hamilton’s organisation- Mission 44. 

Mission 44 was launched to:

support, champion and empower young people from underrepresented groups, in the UK to succeed”- Mission 44

This NFT auction is unique as the buyers get a physical piece, as well as a digital one.

Many teams and drivers are already involved with NFTs. These include McLaren, Red Bull and Pierre Gasly.

Despite the popularity of launching NFTs within teams, fans aren’t as keen. After every NFT launch, there has been a mixed reaction. Many fans think it’s pointless or a bit of a “cop-out”.

Despite the mixed reaction, Mercedes seem to be on board with NFTs as they plan to launch more.

In a statement ahead of the Miami NFT, Mercedes-Amg Petronas Formula 1 team has set out to create more NFTs, collaborating with different artists. Mercedes plan to create limited addition- artist collaborated NFTs at least 5 races this season.

The collaboration with Mad Dog Jones will be the first.

The team has stated they will be “inviting” artists to create race-inspired work for fans.

On top of this, Mercedes want to launch around 2’500 free to claim NFT ticket stubs. This is so fans can collect them.

The free-to-claim NFT ticket stubs will first launch at Miami with 1000 stubs with Mad Dog artwork being available. These will be launched on the 6th of May and will be randomly allocated to registered Mercedes fans.

If you register over the Miami weekend, fans can also win NFTs for races that have already happened this season: Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia and Imola.

Whether the future limited edition NFTs will have a physical item being sold with it is unknown.

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