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W SERIES RACE REPORT: Kimilainen dominates under the rain in Spa

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Emma Kimilainen dominated the W Series at Spa with Jamie Chadwick and Marta Garcia completing the podium. Alice Powell only came home fourth after struggling with the difficult conditions.

It was decided to have a rolling start under the safety car’s regime after the race start was delayed due to the rain and reduced visibility with Alice Powell complaining about not even being able to see Jamie Chadwick’s rear.

Jamie Chadwick was immediately off to a good start with Powell right behind. Marta Garcia, Kimilainen, and Wood engaged in a close battle on track for third with Kimilainen getting the better result.

Kimilainen went on a hunt finally overtaking Powell to take second place with the Brit complaining about poor grip. Powell kept struggling and was even reached by Marta Garcia, who was able to overtake her for third after an exciting duel. Kimilainen then went on to close the gap to Chadwick and eventually managed to boldly overtake her. The Finn was able to find a better grip and build the gap to finally conquer her first victory of the season.

Many wheel-to-wheel battles animated the Saturday afternoon throughout the grid with Wohlwend eventually gaining the seventh position with a bold move on the inside of Marti on the last lap.

Jamie Chadwick remains at the lead of the Championship’ Standings with 91 points in front of Alice Powell (84 points). The top 5 is then completed by Emma Kimilainen (60), Nerea Marti (41), and Fabienne Wohlwend (40).

The chequered flag saw the race conclude as it follows:

  1. Kimilainen
  2. Chadwick
  3. Marta Garcia
  4. Powell
  5. Wood
  6. Hawkins
  7. Wohlwend
  8. Marti
  9. Koyama
  10. Eaton
  11. Cook
  12. Piria
  13. Moore
  14. Belen Garcia
  15. Tomaselli
  16. Rdest

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