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Vettel: “Have the balls to criticise me in person”

Vettel comments on being criticised online

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Vettel is outspoken on a number of issues but isn’t afraid of criticism if they have the balls to say it to his face.

Vettel is an advocate for the climate, LGBTQ+ rights, and women’s rights.  On a race weekend, the German driver is usually found wearing a t-shirt in support of these issues. Off the track, Vettel can be found encouraging women into motorsport, clearing up rubbish, or participating in Question Time. 

Online Criticsm

On the most recent weekend, Vettel campaigned against mining practices in Alberta. Vettel wore an anti-oilsands t-shirt in Montreal and faced lots of criticism. Alberta’s energy minister, Sonya Savage, called out the driver, calling him a hypocrite.

Now, in an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Vettel tells us his opinion on those who criticise his extra-curricular activities. This isn’t new for Vettel as one of the topics of conversation during Vettel’s appearance on Question Time was the hypocrisy of Vettel driving in F1 yet advocating for the climate.

Staying Curious and Asking Questions

Vettel, in conversation with the Telegraph, stated that he is more than happy to be criticised as he is open-minded and wants to “learn more”. Vettel stated that he is always curious. He’s curious in his job and his passions outside of motorsport.

Vettel believes his curiosity during his motorsport career has led to him always asking questions. In the interview, Vettel used the example that he always asks” Why did we retire it? What broke? What part in the engine? Why did it fatigue?”. He says that this curiosity translates to his interest in the environment.

This curiosity is what makes Vettel so open-minded to criticism. He mentions that

“If people have the balls to talk to me directly, then fine, I listen to them”.

What Vettel doesn’t like is when the criticism is on “some chat group online”. As Savage’s comments were made on Twitter, Vettel seems to be referencing this incident.

In a general response to his critics, Vettel stated that he knows his job is terrible for the environment. He states it’s “horrible for the planet”. But he does add that his job is a driver, not a researcher. Vettel believes his outspokenness is good for awareness and a while ago on question time, he said he “doesn’t have the answers”.

What Vettel did say to The Telegraph on the issue is interesting. He admits he doesn’t have all the knowledge on the topic but argues “if you read just a little, you can connect the dots and see that we are in trouble.”

As mentioned, Vettel doesn’t know everything about the issue but he remains curious. Vettel is always learning and believes that everyone should be “asking questions”.

However, if you want to criticise Vettel make sure you do it in person.

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