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Verstappen’s Contract Not Affected By Honda’s F1 Exit

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Many have speculated that Red Bull driver Max Verstappen may have a clause in his contract allowing him to leave Red Bull if the team changed engine suppliers, however, in an article on Red Bull’s website horner stated that this is not the case.

“People keep asking whether Honda’s departure would mean a change in our driver line-up or result in Max leaving the team,” said Horner. “I can tell you that, despite contracts being private, there are no clauses related to Honda in Max or Alex [Albon’s] contracts, so it does not change anything. “I had a good conversation with Max before the announcement and he is just as motivated, upbeat and trusts the team.”

“Now the situation is clear and we have time, which we are grateful to Honda for, we must find a competitive power unit solution for 2022 and beyond,” said Horner.

“The time we now have will enable us to evaluate all options and possibilities. We have won races in the hybrid era with two different power units [Renault and Honda], so our focus is very much on the chassis and in terms of what that delivers, and whatever power unit we use – we will deliver with.

“There are now some big decisions to be made within the Team and also in the sport as future power unit solutions and technologies are evaluated against the spectacle and DNA of Formula 1.”

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Read the full Article from Horner

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