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Verstappen will help Perez in Abu Dhabi says Horner

Verstappen disobeyed team orders and did not let Perez through in Brazil

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Christian Horner of Red Bull has said despite what happened in Brazil, Max Verstappen will help Sergio Perez if he can at Abu Dhabi.

Christian Horner of Red Bull said Verstappen will help Perez in Abu Dhabi
Tensions were high after the São Paulo GP between Verstappen and Perez (Image credit: @ThomasLark5 on twitter)

Last weekend was a drama frenzy in the F1 community as Max Verstappen disobeyed team orders to let Sergio Perez through. On the team radio and in post-race interviews Verstappen stated that he has his reasons. 

Perez said that after everything he had done to help Verstappen, it’s disappointing his teammate did not do the same. This caused a social media stir about what was happening at Red Bull.

Christian Horner 

Red Bull Racing Boss, Horner, spoke about what had happened and what this meant for Red Bull at Abu Dhabi. Horner assured that all has cleared between the teammates and that both Verstappen and Perez are committed to the team. He said:

“It’s something we discussed obviously, behind closed doors, the drivers have discussed it. As a team, our focus very much going into Abu Dhabi with Charles and Checo tied on points is to do our best that we can to support Checo to achieve second place. Max has obviously made that commitment as well. So as far as we’re concerned, it’s about looking forward not looking backwards.”

Perez and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc are tied for P2 in the Driver’s Championship. So the goal for Red Bull is to do what they can to secure second for Perez as Verstappen has already achieved the 2022 title. 

“Look, I think the thing is, it’s very clear going into Abu Dhabi as a team, we’re going to do the best that we can for Checo to finish second in the world championship.

“And it’s a straight fight between the two, they’re tied on points, and whatever we can do as a team – and Max is obviously very much part of that team – we will do to help Checo achieve that goal.

“As a team, and Max has made that clear as well, whatever we can do, to achieve that, as a team we will.

“It’s something that we’ve never achieved as a team previously, even in the V8 era.

“So it’s going to be an exciting Abu Dhabi for other dynamics, fighting for second in the championship this year.”

The end of the drama

“I think the drivers have discussed it very openly between themselves, they’re very, very clear on that. We are one team, and so I’m not going to disclose the content of that, it’s very clear at the end.

“It’s been discussed behind closed doors, and I think the drivers are all very clear. They know what the objective is. They’ve cleared the air with each other. They’ve shaken hands, and we focus on the next race in Abu Dhabi,” said Horner.

Headline Image Credit: F1 Official Website

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