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Verstappen states importance of criticizing Red Bull’s mistakes

Verstappen had to abort his pole position lap in Q3

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Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was frustrated with how his qualifying ended on Saturday. He states that he should be allowed to criticize his team’s mistakes because that is how they achieve perfection.

Verstappen qualified P8 for the Singapore GP (Image Credit: F1 Official Website)

Verstappen’s Q3 one was going well until it wasn’t. Verstappen had abandoned a flying lap behind Alpine’s Pierre Gasly.Verstappen had enough time to create a space and get over the start/finish line for a last attempt. However, all went wrong when he had to also abandon his last flying lap due to fuel regulations.

If Verstappen did not have enough fuel at the end of qualifying, he would have been required to start from the back of the grid. Red Bull did not risk the penalty and so boxed him. After Q3 Verstappen stated:

“Two-point-seven [seconds]. It’s incredibly frustrating. Finding out it was the fuel… Basically, we ran out of fuel, but these things you can track throughout Q3, and they should have let me finish the lap before, where we were already on a pole position lap.”

Criticizing Red Bull is something the Dutchman thinks is important. Just like how they criticize his mistakes, he should be able to do that as well. 

“At the end of the day, I can make mistakes, the team can make mistakes, but I think it’s always important that we can be critical to each other when people make mistakes, because these things, they shouldn’t happen.”

“I like the critical approach. Because when I f*** up, they can also tell me that you know, I make a mistake. And I think it should be the other way around as well. That’s how we keep each other heading into the right direction, because we want to be perfect, and we don’t want to be good. We want to be perfect.”

“I think we got little bit surprised that of course, we had that extra lap. But you can track that you see that coming. That’s why I don’t really understand how that was missed.””

Verstappen had abandoned his second-to-last lap in order to create a gap between him and the Alpine of Pierre Gasly in front of him.

“And, of course in hindsight, they should have let me finish the lap before where they told me to abort already to make a gap for the last lap. Of course, all of this was also a bit triggered with Pierre in front of me.”

“So that’s why I had to create a gap for that final lap, because I was getting close to him. But that’s not an excuse. I can’t see how much fuel is in the car. But we have all the sensors in the world to track these kinds of things.”

More from Verstappen:

“So yeah, incredibly frustrating, because I think we had a good car. And I think you could see that already to Q3 that on mistakes. The car was really good. The conditions are tricky, but I like that. The car was also working quite well.”

“It was already over two seconds to my fastest one in Q3. I mean, even in the lap I did, I had a big moment in the last sector. And I was already like two seconds up, I think, before I even got to these two corners.

“That was a big one. That could have been could have been also right hand down into the wall! But we saved it.

“Normally, if you have enough fuel in the car, that last lap would have been faster. I didn’t know that I didn’t have enough fuel in the car, otherwise of course, I would have just gone for it.

“It was alright, it would have definitely been pole. Because like I said, my 1m51.3s or whatever I did, I had a really big slide in that last chicane before the last corner. So there was a lot in it.”

Headline Image Credit: F1 Official Website 


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