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Verstappen open to retirement after third Drivers’ Crown: ‘See what happens’

The Dutchman clinched his third successive Title with six rounds of the 2023 season to spare

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Max Verstappen refused to rule out an early exit from Formula 1 after claiming his third consecutive Drivers’ Championship.

Max Verstappen stands atop his car in parc ferme with plenty of champion motifs in the background, holding up his thumb, index and middle fingers to denote his third world title
Verstappen put the 2023 Championship beyond doubt with second place in the Qatar Grand Prix Sprint race (Image Credit: @F1 on X)

A third successive Championship went Verstappen’s way after the Qatar Grand Prix Sprint race. McLaren’s Oscar Piastri won the 19-lap event, while the Dutchman outscored teammate Sergio Perez who crashed out to mathematically secure the Title with six rounds remaining.

The 26-year-old has now matched the likes of Ayrton Senna, Nelson Piquet and Niki Lauda by number of World Drivers’ Championships won. At his current rate of success, breaking numerous records along with his team Red Bull, there’s every chance that Verstappen could become the most decorated F1 driver of all time.

But the Dutchman hasn’t shied away from a potential early retirement from the world of F1. Earlier in the season, he complained about the FIA’s constant changing of regulations and threatened to leave the sport.

Upon further questioning by Sky Sports following the Qatar Sprint, Verstappen refused to cement his future in F1. Talking about his plans to remain in open-wheel racing, he said: “We’ll just see what happens. I’m enjoying the moment and we’re going to try and keep this momentum going for a while.”

Jos Verstappen echoes son’s thoughts

Max’s father was also a racing driver in F1. Jos Verstappen has mentored his son from his early karting days until the present day, and Max has been vocal about the impact his father has had on his success.

Jos echoes his son’s thoughts regarding their future in the sport. “We will see, we don’t know yet. This is a good thing and we need to enjoy it.”

Talking about his son’s incredible 2023 campaign, Jos continued: “He’s been so dominant this year. He delivered really well and we’re very proud about that.”

“I knew about his talent for a long time, even in karting. I think we made the right decisions in the beginning of his career, and I must say, now it’s up to him what he does.

“I must say I’m just very happy about how strong he is and the way he works. The credit is definitely for Max.”

Feature Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo

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