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Breakdown of Verstappen Onboard Reveals Truth

F1 Have Finally Released Verstappen's Onboard Footage Of His Turn Four Tussle With Hamilton

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Formula 1 and the FIA have finally released the onboard footage of Max Verstappen’s Red Bull when he went wheel to wheel with Lewis Hamilton during Sunday’s Brazillian Grand Prix.

The previously unseen footage shows Max Verstappen’s view of events as he battled for the lead in Brazil against his championship rival Lewis Hamilton.

After gaining on Verstappen through the tracks second DRS zone, Hamilton’s Mercedes attempted to pass Verstappen around the outside of turn five but was forced wide by the Dutchman and off the circuit.

The move was immediately met with a flurry of controversy from fans and both opposing pit walls, but it was ultimately decided that the incident needed no further investigation.

Footage of the incident can be seen here:

Upon further inspection and a frame by frame replay, the blame for the incident clearly lies with Verstappen.

Phase 1 – Breaking Zone

With the help of DRS, Hamilton reaches the braking zone in front of Verstappen – beginning to decelerate at the 100-yard board. Verstappen matches Hamilton and maintains his racing line through the first half of the corner.

Image Credit:

Phase 2 – Corner Entry 

Verstappen and Hamilton enter turn five wheel to wheel, with the Mercedes only a metre ahead. In an attempt to stay ahead, Verstappen is now carrying a lot of speed into the corner and risks locking up – causing a collision.

Image Credit:

Phase 3 – Missed Apex 

Verstappen avoids locking up by missing the turn five apex and taking a wider line. This puts his car further off the racing line and pushes the  Mercedes wider, comprising Hamilton’s exit.

Image Credit:

Phase 4 – Very Wide 

In order to now stay ahead of Hamilton and prevent a lockup, Verstappen continues to push Hamilton wide. It’s not until he is halfway through the corner, that Verstappen decides fully point the car onto the racing line. Verstappen’s Red Bull is now where Hamilton’s Mercedes would have been, had Verstappen made the turn five apex.

Image Credit:

Phase 5 – Off Track 

As can be seen by the tyre marks, Verstappen’s Red Bull is now a full car’s width away from the racing line. However, due to his slow deceleration and car placement, he has ensured that Hamilton will stay behind him by forcing him wide and off the track.

This is a clear mistake on Verstappen’s part and he gains an unfair advantage as a result of his actions in the form of a continued race lead.

Image Credit:

Although this evidence does show that it was indeed Max’s fault, it’s frankly irrelevant. Not only did Hamilton pass Verstappen a lap later, but he also went on to win the Grand Prix and conclude one of the greatest comebacks of the hybrid era.

However, with this new footage now obtained by the FIA, Verstappen could still see a penalty for his actions in Brazil but its severity remains unclear.

Speaking on the incident, Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff said: 

“I think [if] you put the helmet on and said that that’s hard defending just to the limit. Lewis was super clever avoiding the contact, so it was great to see these two super drivers.

“But not giving it a five seconds [penalty] or so? Come on.”

In response, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said: 

“It’s two guys running hard,” said Horner. “Lewis has got a run around the outside, Max has gone in deep, they’ve both gone wide.”

F1 heads to Qatar this weekend for round 18 of the world championship, with Verstappen ahead of Hamilton by 14 points.




  1. Give Red Bull the option take a 5 second penalty & drop to 3rd place or keep the 2nd place & take a 1 race ban next week

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