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Verstappen hopeful Drive to Survive used his footage well

The new season of Drive to Survive streams on Netflix on the 24th of February

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Max Verstappen hopes that Netflix understood his previous concerns and used his interview for the new season of Drive to Survive well.

Verstappen was very vocal about how fellow racer Lando Norris was badly portrayed by Netflix in the 2021 season. (Image credit: Sky

Verstappen’s opinions on the Netflix show are blatantly clear. The Dutchman did not care for the theatrics of Netflix and the over-the-top storylines. So much so, that he refused to be a part of the fourth season of the show.

Though in early 2022, Verstappen said that he won’t make an appearance in season five of the show, Netflix was able to reach a compromise with him. 

The trailer was released in January and showed a clip of him sitting in the interview chair while asked “How are you feeling about being in the chair?”

Netflix talks

The 25-year-old says he knows that drama sells. It is natural for Netflix to showcase drama, but that does not align with how he wants to be portrayed. He explained that and is hopeful they took it all into account while editing the show. 

At the livery launch in New York, Verstappen said:

“That’s why we had to talk about it first, and they understood my side of it,

“Of course, I understand when you create a show, there needs to be drama, it needs to be exciting. But I’m a guy who finds it also very important that you’re portrayed well, and that they do not start to copy comments on the different kinds of footage while it didn’t happen like that.

“I had to explain it to them that that was my view. Otherwise, I didn’t want to be part of it. But yes, they understood.

“Let’s see, once it comes out, what they made of it. But I’m positive of course, because I know it’s also very important for Formula 1.

“I know that especially being a world champion, that you have to be part of something like that. Think I gave them like 30 minutes or one hour of an interview, and I hope of course, they’re going to use it well.

“I don’t know when I’m going to watch it. But yeah, I hope they’re happy. And I hope of course, I can be happy after watching it. I know that it’s important to Formula 1 as well for growing the sport in general.”

Featured Image Credit: Red Bull Content Pool

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