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Verstappen Red Bull

Verstappen content at Red Bull but not opposed to big change

The Dutchman understands Lewis Hamilton's move to Ferrari in 2025, acknowledging the possibility of a similar move but clarifying it's not a consideration at present

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World Champion Max Verstappen hasn’t ruled out departing from Red Bull but indicates contentment in his current role. 

Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen and Red Bull have been a very successful pairing (Image Credit: @Max33Verstappen on X)

Lewis Hamilton will conclude his longstanding association with Mercedes at the end of this season. Commencing in 2025, he is set to join Ferrari, embarking on a multi-year partnership with Charles Leclerc to initiate a new chapter in his racing career.

Verstappen, the current world champion, is contracted with Red Bull until the conclusion of 2028. However, throughout last year, he consistently expressed the possibility of stepping away from Formula 1 due to the growing length of the calendar. Additionally, he has expressed interest in participating in endurance events outside Formula 1.

In response to inquiries from about the possibility of a switch to a different team, Verstappen conveyed his sentiments, stating, “I don’t want to sound disrespectful or whatever. I have a lot of respect for the brand Ferrari, but I’m very happy where I am at the moment.

“I’m comfortable in the environment that I’m in, so for me, it’s not something that I’m looking for, to change. But again, in my life also, I know from what I’ve experienced so far, I never say never with things. But for me now, it’s not even in my head. But again, it’s only Formula 1. I want to do more things than Formula 1 as well.”

Verstappen’s acknowledgement of contentment in his current environment and the recognition of life’s unpredictable nature, with a subtle openness to possibilities, highlights his dedication to Formula 1 at present.

However, his mention of a desire to explore endeavours beyond the confines of Formula 1 suggests a broader spectrum of interests and ambitions that extend beyond the racing world.

Verstappen and Hamilton’s rivalry

The intense rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen has become a central focus in Formula 1, capturing the attention of fans globally.

Recognized as the face of the sport with his seven world titles, Hamilton is juxtaposed against the dynamic and ambitious Verstappen, who has emerged as a formidable challenger. Their rivalry reached a peak during the 2021 season, where they had multiple on-track collisions with each other and went into the final race tied for the lead.

Despite their on-track rivalry, Verstappen stated his belief that the move to Ferrari was a favourable decision for Hamilton.

“At the end of the day, if someone wants to drive a Ferrari and especially someone like Lewis, having achieved so much, if that’s his dream and goal, and again, we don’t know the talks that they had right at Mercedes, at Ferrari, what has been promised, what they think is coming… so you can’t give an honest assessment from our side why you make that decision. But if he’s happy with that move, then he should go, I think it will look cool. And of course, I hope for them that it’s going to be a success. But you don’t know at the moment.”

The complexities surrounding such decisions are acknowledged by Verstappen’s pragmatic approach, with an emphasis on the importance of individual aspirations and the uncertainties inherent in the discussions between drivers and teams.

Feature Image Credit: @redbullracing on X

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