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Fred Vasseur of Ferrari

Vasseur: ‘I don’t have a clear picture’ of the ‘perfect’ Ferrari structure

Fred Vasseur, Ferrari's Team Principal, has revealed his thoughts on the inner workings of the team

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Fred Vasseur joined Ferrari at the end of 2022 and now, with the team fourth in the Constructors’ Championship, Vasseur has revealed his thoughts on the Scuderia. 

Fred Vasseur on Ferrari
Charles Leclerc in his SF-23 at Spa (Image credit: Getty Images)

Fred Vasseur joined Ferrari after Mattia Binotto left the team. Vasseur came in to not only manage the team as Team Principal, but to also fill the gaps left by other high-ranking personnel and engineers.

These included race director Laurent Mekies, who is leaving the Scuderia for AlphaTauri. Another big blow to the Ferrari camp recently, was senior design engineer, David Sanchez, as he is McLaren-bound.

In addition to the woes of Ferrari personnel leaving, many engineers recruited from other teams may not be able to begin work until as far as the 2025 season. This is subject to contractual ‘gardening leave’.

When Vasseur was asked if he was close to having an ideal team in place, the Team Principal insisted it is a never-ending job. Reported by Autosport, Vasseur said:

“We are miles away because when you are doing my job you don’t have to imagine that there is a perfect structure.

“You always need to improve, and always need to change things. If you stay with the same structure two years in a row then you are dead. Because all the others will improve.

“It means that I don’t have a clear picture to say I have to do this, and full stop, and it will work. It would be stupid.

“We will make some changes in the coming weeks, in the coming months, in the coming years, because some topics are a bit longer than some others. But it’s a permanent evolution and permanent improvement.”

The team has an idea of their ambitions for 2024

With a lacklustre start to the 2023 season, in comparison to the beginning of 2022, Ferrari is adamant about improving. Ferrari have yet to win a race and have only achieved three podiums so far – the most recent at Spa.

Vasseur continued on, commenting on the upcoming 2024 season. He said:

“Yeah, we are starting to have a much better idea of the situation. And where we are weak, and where we are in better shape.

“But this I will keep it for me. Sorry! But for sure, race after race we are starting to have a much better picture of the situation.”

Even despite a podium finish for Charles Leclerc, Vasseur insists that the team is keeping calm, and not becoming complacent.

“I would stay very calm, because we had the same [press] meeting one week ago, and we were at the end of the world, McLaren was flying, and we were stupid, and so on,” he said.

“From one week to the other McLaren is at the back today [Sunday], and we are at the front.

“It means that we have to stay calm, to take it easy, race after race. We know that the pack is so tight. So that for one or two things you can move from P2 to P11.

“And it’s not the end of the season, we have a lot of to do. But for sure, it’s good to finish the first part of the season on the positive tone. At least we will have the two weeks off with a positive race in mind.”

The Ferrari 2024 campaign will certainly try to expand on the groundwork being made thus far in the 2023 and 2022 seasons.

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