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Image Credit: Jaguar TCS Racing.

Two Teams Are Driving Change In Formula E

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Two Formula E teams are driving change in the sport.

The collaboration works towards a new generation that could see pit stops for battery charging.

Jaguar will provide Envision Racing with its new powertrain for their 2022-23 Gen 3 cars. The cars are set to improve electric vehicles with longer lasting and higher performing batteries, braking and power storage.

Jaguar Managing Director, James Barclay believes, “Gen 3 is faster and lighter – and fast charging comes into play. Fast charging is a key topic. Most [electric vehicles] have plenty of range for what most people will ever need – the charging network is the key story of how quickly that will evolve.

Imagine the amount of time it takes you to fill up your car at the petrol station. The Formula E quick charge pit stop would be fashioned in that way and occur during the race. This means pit-stop strategy would eventually come into play, similar to what’s seen in Formula 1.

Envision Managing Director and CTO, Silvain Filippi said, “Jaguar has been one of our fiercest competitors in Formula E since they joined the Championship in 2016. The team’s advanced powertrain technology and overall commitment to its Formula E programme made them the most attractive option to us. Formula E is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, inspiring and exciting the next generation of motorsport fans in cities across the globe. But more exciting is the fact it is arguably the most collaborative sport in the world because we recognise the role that we can play in solving one of the biggest problems of our time in the race against climate change.

Final sporting regulations haven’t been finalised as yet. Formula E continues to promote a net zero carbon footprint for the sport.

On 12 February, Formula E is set to race for the sixth time in Mexico City.

Headline Image Credit: Jaguar Racing.

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