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The Sao Paulo Grand Prix hosted the third and final Sprint Race of the season today, which saw a day full of celebration, verdicts and overtakes.

A Day For Celebration:

Today was one to celebrate, not only with excitement for the Sprint Race, but for Lando Norris.

The McLaren driver turned 22 years-old today.


FP2 got underway, whilst people eagerly awaited to hear about the stewards’ decisions on Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

A reminder of what happened:

Hamilton’s Mercedes failed a DRS check on the rear wing. This was due to the car not fulfilling the “maximum distance of the DRS system when deployed” in the FIA Regulations.

Whilst Hamilton was suspected of a technical infringement, Max Verstappen was summoned due to a parc fermé incident.

Footage was released of Verstappen touching both his and Hamilton’s cars post-qualifying.

FP2 sees Lewis Hamilton’s car use an old rear wing.

It was an interesting session to say the least – with Alpine’s Alonso being quickest.

Alonso hasn’t topped a session since 2017.

Bottas managed to make his way up the board even after a fairly late start from Mercedes.

Here is the classification of the session:

Stewards’ Decisions:

As a result of the stewards’ investigation, Verstappen has been fined 50,000 Euros.

After watching the footage that shows Verstappen putting his “right hand at the slot-gap of the rear wing of his car” and then Hamilton’s – the stewards have decided that “there was insignificant force when Verstappen touched the wing” of Hamilton’s car.

It was decided that after the investigation into his rear wing, Hamilton was to be disqualified from the results of qualifying yesterday.

This meant he would be last on the grid for the Sprint Race.

Hamilton is now set to take a 5-place grid penalty ahead of tomorrow’s Grand Prix due to taking his fifth ICE (Internal Combustion Engine).

Sprint Race:

It was lights out and away we go, as both Hamilton and Verstappen were on medium tyres, but at very different positions on the grid.

Turn 1 was just as eventful as we’d all hoped it would be, with Bottas managing to go ahead of Verstappen, and Sainz having a great start.

Turn 4 saw Verstappen running wide, and finding himself in P3 behind Sainz.

Hamilton made some great moves early on, going from P20 to P14 in no time.

Lap 2 saw Räikkönen spin, finding himself at the back of the grid.

Going into Lap 4 Verstappen got ahead of Sainz by DRS, and Hamilton continued to make his way up.

There were many battles taking place – Mainly between Bottas and Verstappen, and Sainz and Perez.

Hamilton fought his way into the top five, having gained 15 places.

The crowd went wild as Bottas gets pole, with Verstappen not far behind him, followed by Sainz in P3.

Hamilton had fighting talk, as he claimed on the radio:

“It’s not over yet.”

Sprint Race Result:

Talking about the decision to use soft tires, to Massa, Bottas said: “We knew the soft would be benefit for the start and it worked, and then it was all about trying to survive until the end… I’m glad it worked out perfectly!”

All this action today makes tomorrow’s race one you definitely don’t want to miss! The battle between Hamilton and Verstappen just gets more and more intense…

Feature Image Credit: @F1 on Twitter

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