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Pierre Gasly
HUNGARORING, MOGYOROD, HUNGARY - 2022/07/31: Pierre Gasly of AlphaTauri in the paddock before the F1 Grand Prix of Hungary. (Photo by Marco Canoniero/LightRocket via Getty Images)

This loophole would allow Gasly to move to Alpine for 2023

Gasly's contract with AlphaTauri allegedly has an exit clause

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Pierre Gasly reportedly would be able to get out of his contract with AlphaTauri for 2023.  If the offer comes from a higher-placed team, he would be able to trigger an exit clause.

 Gasly’s AlphaTauri during the Hungarian Grand Prix (Image Credit: Getty Images)

This exit clause, reported by RacingNews365, would give Gasly the opportunity to leave should a team like Alpine offer him a contract.

The exit clause

Gasly has already renewed his contract and been announced at AlphaTauri for the 2023 season. It’s set to be his fourth full season at the team, after getting demoted from Red Bull in the middle of 2019.

Gasly told RacingNews365 that he wasn’t currently looking outside of the Red Bull pool for 2023, but that contract negotiations were an “ongoing conversation.”

“ think my contract situation is pretty clear with Red Bull,” he said,

But there have been reports that Gasly’ contract includes an exit clause, that would allow him to sign with another team. The only stipulation is that team must be higher in the constructor’s standings than AlphaTauri.

When asked if he was looking outside of Red Bull for a seat, Gasly said: “At the moment, as I say, these conversations are ongoing and I have nothing more to add. The right decision will be made at the right time.”

Driver market drama continues

Gasly isn’t the only driver with a contract for 2023 that could still factor into this year’s silly season. 

Daniel Ricciardo also has a 2023 contract in place with McLaren. But ever since Sebastian Vettel’s retirement triggered Fernando Alonso’s move to Aston Martin, Ricciardo’s future has been in question.

Oscar Piastri was originally expected to fill the Alpine seat and was even announced by the team. But he denied these claims, adding more confusion to the situation. Piastri supposedly has already signed a contract with McLaren for 2023 to replace Ricciardo.

In a world full of speculation, many drivers are rumoured to be in contention for the second seat at Alpine. Ricciardo is one of them, with some saying he’ll make a return to the team he left back in 2021. But others are now saying Alpine could be in talks with Gasly.

Gasly’s supposed exit clause would allow for these negotiations, considering Alpine are significantly higher in the constructor’s standings than AlphaTauri.

There have been rumours of Gasly leaving AlphaTauri for several seasons now. It doesn’t seem likely that Red Bull will promote him back to their team, so he could very well be looking for other options. This year’s exceptionally silly season could allow him the chance he’s been waiting for to step out from under the Red Bull umbrella.

Feature Image Credit: Getty Images

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