Image Credit: Mark Sutton.

The Truth Behind Hamilton’s Calfskin Boots

What are they made of?!

Ahead of the French Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton was spotted looking fashionably on point this past Thursday afternoon.

The seven-time champion was sporting a pair of Bottega Veneta men’s tire boots with a two-tone black and grass design. The question remains what is the composition of the boots.

Image Credit: Bottega Veneta.

The Bottega Veneta website states that the material consists of vegetally-tanned leather for the Chelsea boots with 100% calfskin and calfskin lining with a rubber outsole made in Italy.

Styled by renowned American stylist, Law Roach the shoe selection quickly caught the attention of the F1 and fashion community. Lewis Hamilton is a vegan following a plant-based diet and loves animals. Therefore, we recognise that he would select environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion.

Regarding vegan vs leather, it’s important to note that for vegan tanning, animals are not killed for their skin. Instead, it’s the discarded by-products made for human consumption that are then recycled and used at tanneries. Leather though is made from animal hide. This brings into question the length of the biodegradable process.

To buy environmentally friendly and sustainable products, vegetable-tanned leather can be an option. Another plausible option is to purchase brain-tanned leather which is rare.

At the end of the day, we as consumers can decide which products to purchase yet some may be harmful to animals and the environment. It could be beneficial to buy from a leatherworker who sources their own hides as an eco-friendly choice.

Until then, can’t wait to see what else Lewis Hamilton and the other F1 drivers wear next during this French Grand Prix weekend.

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