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The final car launch in 2023: Alpine reveals the A523

The A523 will be Alpine's new chance for the Formula 1 season 2023

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Alpine is the last team to unveil its Challenger for the 2023 Formula 1 season. The A523 was revealed in London.

Ocon and Gasly at the A523 launch in London
Ocon and Gasly at the A523 launch in London Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter

The new all-French driver pairing of Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon is preparing for a new season with Alpine in the A523. Last season, the team finished fourth overall – can they improve this year?

Laurent Rossi and Luca De Meo opened the launch representing Renault.

De Meo said he was excited by Alpine’s development over the last two years.

“F1 and Motorsports is part of a bigger story.

“We are here to create a top team.”

Does Alpine follow the other teams in their livery?

Due to the weight issues of the new regulations, most teams have opted to keep the liveries as dark as possible, leaving the colours in carbon style in case of emergency weight-saving.

Alpine also followed suit – although not as drastically as, for example, Mercedes with their W14.

The A523 in pictures:

Alpine's A523 launch in London Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter
Alpine’s A523 launch in London Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter
Alpine’s A523 launch in London Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter
Alpine’s A523 launch in London Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter

Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Australia are the countries in which the pink livery will be run by Alpine. The pink resembles the partner- and sponsorship with BWT.

The pink A523
Image Credit: @formularacers_ on Twitter
Alpine’s 100-race plan

Otmar Szafnauer explains Alpine’s 100-race plan:

“We have to take a step closer to being able to win a championship, which is what we wanted to do in 100 races,” he said.

“That 100 started at the beginning of [2022], so it’s less than 80 from now on.

“We need to do the same, but we need to be closer to third than we are to fifth. So even if we stay fourth, we’ve got to make progress.”

An Aussie as their reserve driver?

During the presentation of the A523, Otmar Szafnauer announced that Jack Doohan will be the team’s reserve driver for 2023. The current Formula 2 driver is preparing for the season with Virtuosi in Bahrain.

Alpine launched Rac(H)er

Alpine has launched its own programme to support women in motorsport in 2022. The Rac(H)er initiative supports women on their way to gaining a foothold in motorsport.

During the presentation of the A523, the goals and first results of the Rac(H)er campaign were presented. The campaign will collect data from its drivers – whether female or male – on a scientific basis and analyse how they behave in motorsport.

Rac(H)er is supported by Nikola Adams, former British boxer, as a role model. She will take on the role of mentor and assist the women in the team.

Sophia Flörsch, who returns to Formula 3 with PHM Racing by Charouz, will be part of Alpine’s Rac(H)er campaign. Flörsch will be joined by Abbi Pulling, who will drive with Carlin Rodin in the newly formed F1 Academy series.

Rac(H)er and Alpine also announce an academy for young, female kart drivers. Six girls will be accepted into the Alpine Academy. They will be part of Rac(H)er’s research.

At the end of the Alpine launch night, Zinedine Zidane, former professional footballer, was presented as Ambassador. He will also support the team as a mentor.

Zidane explained:

“Alpine have a project to give an opportunity to young people to have fair opportunities- very interested in this program.”

We are excited to see what Alpine can achieve with their line-up of young (female) driver support in 2023. The Formula 1 season 2023 starts now!

Feature Image Credit: @alpinef1team on Twitter

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