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Haas Estimate Up To $1Million In Damage After Schumacher Crash

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Haas face a repair bill of up to £760,000 ($1M) as a result of Mick Schumacher’s heavy crash during qualifying in Saudi Arabia.

Last weekend’s qualifying session saw Mick Schumacher hit a barrier at the exit of turn 10 at a speed around 270kph.

The Haas driver spent the night in hospital but he was released the following day without any significant injuries. However, Schumacher didn’t compete in the race.

Team Principal Guenther Steiner has spoken about the damage the car has sustained:

“The chassis itself doesn’t seem to be broken,” he said.

“The side impact structure is, but you can’t change them. Obviously we need to do a proper check on the chassis but it looks not too bad, to be honest.

“The engine also, I was told from Ferrari, seems to be okay. The battery pack as well. And then the rest is broken.”

However, the extent of the damage does leave the team with a steep repair bill, Steiner has admitted:

“I think the cost is still pretty high because all the suspension is gone, except the front-left, I think there’s still something on there,” he said.

“The rest is just like carbon powder.

“I don’t know money-wise but with these cars, between gearbox, the whole body-work is gone, radiator ducts are gone, so it’s between half a million and a million I would say.”

Despite all of this, teams are allowed to exclude some costs for crash damage from Formula 1’s budget cap. However, Steiner has stated that they cannot afford many more crashes of this scale. This is because it will start to affect how much they can spend.

“There is a nominal amount but in a racing team you never could stick to a budget like in a normal commercial business,” he said.

“Because you have this risk, you have got obviously a contingency in there. But if you have two or three like your contingency is pretty quickly not a contingency anymore, it’s a loss.

“So you just need to manage. Obviously, I hope we don’t have a lot more of them.”

Feature Image Credit: @F1 on Twitter.

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