Something happened in Azerbaijan that hasn’t happened since 2013! Find out what it was here

We just couldn't believe it!

When the chequered flag fell on a dramatic Azerbaijan Grand Prix, we were left with a scenario the sport had not seen since 2013. But what was it exactly? 

If someone asked you to name the top teams over the last few years, you’d say Mercedes and Red Bull. Given the struggles of the Red Bull second driver up to now, you’d say the recent race wins have always been between Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen.

That trio holds the record for most podiums shared in F1 history, as they have finished on the podium together 16 times, in various orders.

The three drivers mentioned also have a sensational record when it comes to scoring points, it’s hard to remember a race where none of them were on the podium, let alone in the points…

Up until the last 5 laps Baku was set to help this record continue, but then, chaos ensured. Verstappen’s tyre failed at over 200mph down the pit-straight causing his car to swerve into the wall and he was forced to DNF.

With Bottas so far down the field, this points-scoring record relied on Hamilton finishing in the top 10, which would be easy given he was P2 at the red flag restart and knew this title was a “marathon, not a sprint” right? Wrong.

Hamilton flicked the ‘magic lever’ by accident before he set off, and this caused him to have a massive lock-up, missing turn 1 entirely, and sending him tumbling to the back of the field.

All 3 ‘top’ drivers finished outside of the points. When was the last time this happened I hear you ask?

It was in 2013 at the Japanese Grand Prix. This is a remarkable record given Bottas was in his rookie year at Williams, and Verstappen was still in karts!

It seems unlikely that this record will be able to continue for as long ever again, but it shows the strength of these three drivers that if two failed, the other one was there to pick up the pieces.


Image: Getty images

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