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Michael Masi

Sky Sports F1 pundit irritated after Masi visits F1 paddock

Ted Kravitz addresses the possible return of the ex-race director to F1

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Michael Masi was the brains behind the decision not to run the safety car procedure accurately in Abu Dhabi in 2021. The outcome helped Max Verstappen to win his first world title, and Lewis Hamilton lost his chance of an eighth title in 2021.

Masi in Abu Dhabi 2021
Michael Masi arrived in to the paddock before qualifying session of last race of the year in Yes Marina Circuit, Yes Island, Abu Dhabi, Uniter Arab Emirates, 11 December 2021 (Image Credit: Andrea Diodato/NurPhoto via Getty Images)


Masi resigned as Formula 1 race director but did not leave the FIA. He is now chairman of the V8 Supercars Commission in Australia, his home country.

During the Australian Grand Prix, he will pay his first visit to the Formula 1 paddock since the infamous day in 2021.

Naturally, the alarm bells are ringing at Mercedes. Will Masi and team boss Toto Wolff have a talk?

Masi said, according to News Corp Australia:

“I’ve always had an open door policy and will always have an open door policy, since the moment that I arrived in this F1 paddock and that continues.”

Toto Wolff seems to see the situation differently. When asked if he would talk to the Australian, he replied:


“It is something from the past, a very unpleasant period.”

What is Masi doing in the paddock?

Sky Sports pitlane reporter Ted Kravitz gets to the bottom of why Michael Masi is in the paddock in Melbourne.

He explains, according to

“Michael Masi, the ex-FIA race director, has been in the paddock for the first time since that fateful day in December 2021. And he’s been saying hello to drivers – he hasn’t been saying hello to Mercedes people,” Kravitz observed.

“I don’t really… well, I do want to get into it, you know I do. But I won’t. What’s he doing in Australia? He’s in charge of the V8 Supercars, the Australian Touring Cars now. But what’s he doing coming back into the Formula 1 paddock?

“There are some rumours that Formula 1 want him back because Niels Wittich needs some help on the FIA race direction side. But that’s not going to happen. What’s Michael Masi doing in the paddock?”

So could Michael Masi be making a return to the Formula 1 world? Whether Mercedes would put up with that remains to be seen.

Feature Image Credit: Dan Istitene – Formula 1/Formula 1 via Getty Images

  1. Masi definitely won’t return because too much damage got done under his tenure for return feasibility, not that he wants to return anyway.
    Wittich doesn’t need any help, he’s overall fared better as the RD than Masi.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣. Written before the complete farce over Fernando’s penalty FIAsco and the Aus GPs red flags FIAsco.😳🤔. Wittich was not Charlie Whitings understudy, Micheal Masi was. Hamilton and his sphincter lickers along with Dodo and Mercedes should all be ashamed of themselves for their protracted “witch hunt” post Abu Dhabi🤨🤬🤬🤬

  2. Masi simply sucks. He shouldn’t even be allowed in the F1 paddock, let alone attending the Australian Gran Prix as a spectator. He violated the rules in Dec. 2021 and should be completely banned from from ANY F1 event and/or race. I completely understand Mercedes feelings about this so-called former “race director.”

    Personally, I hate even reading an article about this jerk, or even seeing his picture.

    1. I’m sure M.Masi will fell exactly the same about you if he ever wastes his time reading your tripe 🤣🤣

  3. Masi shouldn’t be allowed back in the paddock. It’s an insult to the Mercedes team, and to anyone who loves F1 racing and fair play.

  4. Top man Masi and because of him F1 is more popular than its ever been simple. Ted is just biased and in love with Lewis.

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