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Mick Schumacher has completed his seat fit in preparation for the F1 season.

Schumacher has Mercedes seat fit and reveals he’s ‘excited’ to help the team

On Tuesday afternoon, Schumacher completed the all important Mercedes seat fit

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Mick Schumacher has completed his Mercedes F1 seat fit and is ready to help the team with testing and any reserve needs.

Mick Schumacher signing as Mercedes 2023 reserve driver, pictured with Toto Wolff.
Since being unable to find a race seat for 2023, Mick Schumacher joined Mercedes as a reserve driver. He now has completed his seat fit and is ready to support the Mercedes team. Credit: @MercedesAMGF1 on Twitter

Since departing Haas at the end of 2022, where he was replaced by Nico Hulkenberg, Mick Schumacher has joined Mercedes in a reserve role. The contract was finalised in December but on Tuesday we saw a glimpse of Mick at Mercedes. Mick’s first important job for the upcoming season took place, and that was the seat fit.

The 2023 Season

As a reserve driver, Schumacher has to be ready to go. This is in case Lewis Hamilton or George Russell get injured or fall sick. Or in case they have other commitments. He must also be ready to complete any testing Mercedes need and help support the team on and off the track.

Despite this being announced in December, the young German driver’s transition to Mercedes is now fully complete.

The seat fit is a somewhat ceremonial action. It confirms the driver’s position within the team. It also means that he is ready for the upcoming F1 season.

On Tuesday evening, off the back of his incredible Race of Champions stint, Mick Schumacher completed his seat fit in Brackley.

Formula One reports that Mick, despite looking elsewhere for seats, is “excited” to support the Mercedes team as a reserve driver.

Schumacher’s Journey to Mercedes

Schumacher was announced as a Mercedes driver on the 15th of December 2022, marking the end of his relationship with Ferrari and their academy. Having been a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy for four years, and competing as a Haas driver for two, Schumacher’s move to Mercedes was a complete change.

This change, however, appears to have benefitted him. It’s kept Schumacher in touching distance with Formula 1. It has also given him contacts within the Mercedes-powered side of the grid.

Being part of the Mercedes family means that teams with Mercedes power units may be able to call upon Mick if necessary. McLaren has just announced that they can use Mick Schumacher. In a tweet from McLaren, the German driver is pictured going through a specific McLaren seat fit.

Mick, his future and his father

His new boss, Toto Wolff, has also vowed to help as much as he can to find Mick a seat. Wolff has spoken highly of Mick in the past. The team boss said that he has an ‘impressive’ personality. He has also stated that ‘Mick is an intelligent young man that can drive’.

The Schumacher name in Mercedes is one of great value. Mick’s father Michael drove for the outlet in 2010. Despite not competing as well as he did in his Ferrari days, Michael was a huge boost for the new team. He helped them a lot in the early stages.

Although Wolff does not want to compare Mick to his father, he believes he has a lot of talent and will do well in his role at Mercedes.

Feature Image Credit: @MercedesAMGF1 on Twitter

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