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Schumacher hopes to ‘recommend’ himself for the vacant Mercedes seat

After Hamilton's shock announcement kickstarted F1's silly season, the question who gets his seat is still up in the air and Schumacher is looking to be the one who prevails

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Mick Schumacher bids to ‘recommend’ himself as the driver to replace Hamilton at Mercedes in 2025.

Mick Schumacher hopes to be Hamilton's successor. Photo credits: @mickschumacher via Instagram
Mick Schumacher hopes to be Hamilton’s successor. Photo credits: @mickschumacher via Instagram

Last week, rumours started swirling around that a historical driver move was about to take place. After hours of anticipation, Hamilton finally announced he would be departing Mercedes after 13 years and joining Ferrari.

This meant the most sought-after seat on the grid is up for grabs. Rumours have been spiralling around about who could be replacing Hamilton and starring alongside George Russell next season.

Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz and Kimi Antonelli are just a couple of the talented names who have been thrown into the draw for the seat.

Among them is also the Mercedes reserve driver, Mick Schumacher.

Schumacher, will be entering into his second year as a reserve and will be sharing his duties alongside F2 vice-champion Frederik Vesti.

After taking a year out of racing in 2023, the German will be heading into his first season of endurance racing with Alpine in April.

However, Schumacher still has his mind on a return back to the F1 grid and bring more glory to the Schumacher name.

The German had already spent two years racing in F1. He raced with Haas between the years 2020-2022, however, Schumacher didn’t have the best luck during his time.

After two years, he only accumulated 12 points and 16th was his best finish in the standings. Schumacher now looks to return back to the grid, aiming for much more success than his previous stint.

Schumacher admits to contacting Wolff

Following Hamilton’s announcement, Schumacher was asked if he had spoken to Wolff about a potential offer for the seat. Schumacher admitted the conversation they had was ‘brief’:

“It is of course a position that brings with it a lot of pressure. But in terms of feeling, I feel I’m up to it,” Schumacher said to

“But it’s not my decision.

“We will certainly be able to talk a little more in the next few days.”

Schumacher his return to F1 depends heavily on his performance during the European Le Mans series. He hopes to remind Wolff and spectators around the world that he has the capabilities to be in F1:

“My chance [to return] is there, I don’t know how big it is yet. I think it will also depend a bit on performance. Hopefully I can recommend myself.

“I think a few people out there know how good I am.”

A few days ago the German spoke to Auto Motor und Sport about how he believes the ‘current chaos’ going on with F1 seats, might be of benefit to him:

“I missed racing and the WEC was the best possible option,

“Of course, I have one eye on Formula 1 and could imagine that one or two doors might open in the current chaos. The big dream will not change.

Featured image credits: @mickschumacher via Instagram

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