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Schumacher calls Hamilton Situation ‘EMBARRASSING’

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It seemed a matter of time before Hamilton announced that he would be staying with Mercedes, with his seventh world title in his pocket and his eighth in sight. However, the contract is still not in place in February, and with all the rumours that this has created, an embarrassing situation has occurred in the meantime.

Lewis Hamilton still has no new contract in his pocket, and just around the corner is the start of the 2021 Formula One season. It seems embarrassing to Ralf Schumacher that Hamilton has not re-signed yet.

”It’s a shame and almost a bit embarrassing. It is now February and the most important man in Formula 1, the seven-time world champion, has still not been confirmed as a driver. I keep hearing that it would be about money, but I hope that is not true. Hamilton in particular should know that in this day and age you cannot demand 100 per cent,” Schumacher said according to

Schumacher further notes that Hamilton is also at risk.

Hamilton should also know that Formula 1 is bigger than any individual. Maybe Hamilton needs to shake himself up now too. There is still a risk of Mercedes putting George Russell in that car. Hamilton should never forget that”


  1. Schumacher junior – only claim to fame his famous father – makes adverse comment on the current 7 times world champion? Hmmm, says a lot.

    1. Actually, it’s Michael’s brother Ralf, who was a very capable driver back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

      1. If you were in a Taxi, no doubt that is true. As a racing driver he was crap and only there because of his name and his brothers money.

          1. Didnt they change the rules because Mr Schumacher kept on crashing into the others drivers to win the championship lol

      1. How’s about we compare the drivers and technology of the time to just that alone. Who’s the best of all time and who won the most championships. Take all drivers who won all the championships, put them in cars in one race, at the end there will be just 1 winner. The driver and team who executes everything correctly and has a bit of luck will prevail.

    2. Ralf is his brother lmao get ya facts right please.
      And is not even in same league as Lewis or micheal as a F1 driver.

      1. You need to be as good as someone to comment? Wouldn’t that put any reporter, even ex drivers out of a job?

      2. I don’t get how people say Hamilton is not as good as Schumacher. Hamilton has to race his team mate, Schumacher had a contract where his team mate had to yield to him if they were in front. Personally I think if you took Schumacher in his prime put him in the same car as Hamilton then Hamilton would beat him hands down

        1. It is the car. Not Hamilton. George Russel, first time out in Ham’s car was faster than Bottas, Ham’s teammate and the whizkid Verstappen, as well as all the rest of the field. The car is leagues better than the rest, probably a second a lap faster if they want to. To hide thus fact the team had to botch up Russel’s pit stop so he could not drive away from the rest. It is a total farce. Ha,’s 7 championships is a farce. He is good but nowhere near Shummi.

    3. The comments were made by Ralf Schumacher who is the brother of the great Michael, not Mike Schumacher the son.

    4. It’s Michael’s brother Ralph Schumacher commenting in this article (himself an F1 veteral and F1 race winner) – not his son Mick…

    5. I think you will find this comment was made by Ralf Schumacher, Michael’s brother and ex GP driver.

    6. i think a person who has made such demands as hamilton has should expect and deserve to be shot down in flames

      1. Oh so you are apart of the contract talks between Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton then jack? You know what “demands” have been made? ???

      2. How many races has Hamilton won? So far that is. Its a business negotiation. Hamilton is entitled to everything he can get. Mercedes is entitled to sign whatever driver they want. There doesn’t need to be so much drama. in the end its a sport. It’s not like a fireman going into a burning building for a trapped kid. If Mercedes thinks they can do OK with Russell and having Hamilton on the track driving for someone else that’s cool. The driver situation in F1 is always a little comical. This is nothing out of the ordinary.

    7. The only people who will know what’s holding up the contract are Mercedesv & Lewis, It’s amazing click bate for everyone to jump on the band waggon, especially a mediocre Driver like Ralph, well that’s if he has even said it.
      But the press have nothing more to talk about so let’s make up another story.

      1. Put Hamilton in any other F1 car and see how he performs in a race. Tine he proved his worth in any other F1 car!!!!

    8. Ahmmm Never new Ralph Schumacher was The great Micheal’s son thought Mick is his son and Ralph his brother Someone is stupid Wonder if it is me

    9. Dont comment on what you really have no clue about. That is Michael’s brother who raced alonside him in F1.

  2. He is a waste of space kick him out altogether the sport will still survive his ego is pathetic i don;t like his attitude good ridence

      1. Are we not acknowledging that a kid jumped in his car and was smashing the field until the team stuffed it for him? Beating all the records in a car so much faster than all the others isn’t really much of an achievement.

        1. The kid was driving on a glorified oval and the there was only 1 driver with a chance left on track although Perez joined the back of the pack to avoid going a lap down.

    1. A very divisive individual who is a legend in his own lunchbox. George Russell showed him up in 5 minutes and should be given the drive at 1/2 the money this prat is expecting.

    1. Two embarrassing? Is that like two times the embarrassment or two separate occasions it was embarrassing? Maybe words are “too” difficult for you ??‍♂️??

  3. Hamilton is a money grabbing Twat now he was humble when he started now look at him get shot and get George in who wants to do it to win not for money

    1. Sounds like a little petty jealousy there MARTIN. If you had the chance wouldn’t you grab what you could when you could. The time is ripe (8th Championship!) All drivers go through the ego expansion as they win more for themselves and their team.

    2. He’s a professional driver i.e he does it for money.
      We now know he was negotiating over advertising revenue which, as the driver who has made Mercedes the brand all advertisers want to be associated with, he is quite right in doing

  4. everything is in place for hamilton,,, mercedes delaying confirmation to try & make hamilton less of a boring twat, & to try & make F1 exciting

  5. Spoilt little brat,needs a kick up the keiber!! thinks he is Mercedes, well your not,your employed by a company,self employed, thats it!! give the job to the up and coming lad!!

  6. Hamilton is a good driver however put him on another team and he wouldn’t be world champion just another also ran

  7. No one knows what is going on with Mercedes .State your comments or facts not hearsay. It seems everyone wants Hamilton to look bad and negative. It’s always been this way and people love negativity around him. Let him sort out his deal with Mercedes and keep your nasty views to yourself. And to whoever Mr Schumacher the same way you have asked us to respect how you have dealt with Michaels accident and injuries the please give that same respect to Hamilton, it’s his business. Thankyou

    1. God bless you Lorraine!
      Jealousy and envy everywhere you turn.
      He’s the greatest of all time, he’s has earned the right to take his time.
      Until you hear the facts shut your mouths

    2. Well said!! A lot of people do not know or realise that Lewis won in every category of racing he competed in!! He never always had the best car but he still won races and championships that in reality he should not have won. I have watched Lewis since he was 8 years old and his dad working 4 jobs to fund Lewis racing before Ron Dennis and mclaren sponsored him. People need to know the facts and truth about Lewis history. I had the honour of working with a young lad who was racing against Lewis in the same championships and Lewis had inferior equipment but still won. I cannot stand how people want to slate Lewis, it’s typical of the British to slag success due to their lack of knowledge and envy. Lewis and his dad are really nice down to earth people!!!
      As thumper says “ if ya can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all !!!!

  8. I honestly do not understand why people are attacking Hamilton. He is just doing what he thinks is right for him and nt farcing anyone to areee with it.He is the greatest so far and people should live with that fact. I salute you Hamilton and keep up doing what you love and like!

  9. It is a good thing if the people are able to see if it is Hamilton? or the hardwear? in another compitition people often wondered if it were the coach? or the quarterback that made the team so successful?. the player left the team it faltered! and the player continued to have success i think it would be very interesting to find out.

  10. russel pruved its not the driver it is the car they are sunday afternoon drivers its motercycle boys hew need the praise

    1. I only have thus to say to all you uninformed bozos with no facts but fuctional speculation about everything that surrounds Lewis. And with no chip on my shoulder I am certsain as csn be , tge measurement and negative vommrntsry vomes from your inate racism even if yiu wont admit it becsuse this is your commentary thst would and was nrver levelled against Schumi and we know why i rest my case about his sbility on the Race in Turkey where was your next great big white hope ” Nowhere” So just shut the F up.

      1. Finally, some honesty.. I’ve been following this thread and am appalled by the closest racists attacking Lewis. I see your ignorance and jealousy for what it is.. Even if Lewis changed teams, they’d find other fabricated reasons to try and turn him down.. Closet racists who are frustrated with their own lives, so choose to attack the most successful F1 driver in history… because he’s Black.. Shame!! ??‍♂️

  11. A certain amount of arrogance is a necessity for top level sportsmen and women . Hamilton might have a little more than the necessary.

  12. So – some people think put Lewis in a different car and a different team and it will be all over. Do me a favour – 7 times World Champion – 8th coming up.

  13. I wonder if part of the hold-up is because of Toto Wolf’s future being “fluid” – I doubt it is just money. I suspect it has more to do with the dates when LH plans to retire and/or leave Mercedes which will happen sometime in the next few years..

  14. Only god can judge what’s Lewis is doing, for those who bashed him, are you perfect in your life? No one knows if there’s any story behind. The world would be a better place, if those people can keeps the negative comments to themselves. F1 drivers are racing with their life and should be respected no matter they’re in a fast car or not.

  15. Come on Lewis put your fans out of their misery we need you to race,I do hope that the delay in you signing is not money related.

  16. Again – someone’s opinion which we are all entitled to. The only people who know the true facts regarding why a contract has not been signed (if indeed it hasn”t) are Toto and Lewis. On the same subject who has got more press coverage of late? Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren. Good or bad …. It keeps Mercedes forefront of all drivers and teams.

  17. Who the &^*% is this guy and why is he talking? Loll does anyone actually care what ralp has to say? Doubtful

  18. Not sure why this is even newsworthy? every time Hamiton and Mercedes have been in contract talks, it always gets sorted at the final minute…and from what we can see both parties have come out of contract negotiations the better for it.

    Don’t quite get Ralf’s comment on all this being ’embarrassing’? Hamiton, above anyone else, knows that the seat at Merc is in high demand however he also knows that he’s the top driver in F1 so they both using their positions to get the best possible outcome from the negotiations.

    What would be a good topic to post here is what Merc will look like post-Hamilton. Do they keep Bottas as a No2 driver (smart) and secure Russell as the primary driver for the next decade or……do they swoop for Verstappen AND Russell. That would be frankly awesome to see, especially if Ferrari can sort themselves out – would be great to see a Sainz vs LeClerc vs Verstappen vs Russell era!!

  19. That moment when most of the comments are directed at the person who thought Ralf was Michaels son and almost no comments about the actual article

    1. Absolutely agree. It’s quite amazing how small minded and hostile lots of commenters seem to be. Shameful.

  20. Another one that lived off his brothers reputation , didn’t do anything when he was in f1 and he was in a good car. Disappeared without a trace but keeps popping up and bad mouthing the Champion.

  21. Let him go, he has a shelf life that’s based on having the best team, best car, biggest salary and ego to match. If Hamilton goes elsewhere then he will take 2 seasons minimum to be competing for a title and that’s if the team he goes to suddenly finds the money and capability to match what Mercedes has no matter who drives their car.

    Similar to the Tiger Woods effect, he was head and shoulders above everyone else, had the best of everything and had a team around him that did everything at another level, his fall from grace was spectacular and in the lean years others have used that formula and risen to another level where the average players these days are now far better than they would have had to have been to win the things Tiger has in his day.

    Mercedes will be around long after Hamilton and maybe better for it as the negativity he brings is tarnishing to Mercedes. Let him go, use the money to invest in the next generation of car and driver on their terms is the best thing to do, but what do I know, I’m not even into F1 but have seen it across many other sports and businesses. History is for books and so called experts and it’s made everyday, so stop dwelling on the past and move on to make tomorrow the next history

    1. Are you telling me Mercedes would win the championship with Russell and Bottas at the helm?

      Mercedes wouldn’t have been champions in a few seasons were i tnot for Hamilton…

  22. Lewis is without an doubt a great F1 driver…having the best car isn´t the only thing you have to do to become 7 times WC.
    …and in my eyes…everybody can discuss about the situation and form his own meaning about all this…
    …but by saying as pure “Lewis Fanboy” that every other driver who were more than 5 years “on track” wasn´t that good to comment on the situation…surley shows…

    …You are not an F1 fan.

  23. Let’s not forget or take for granted that both Schumacher and Hamilton were /are driving a superior car! F1 is more about the best car than the best driver. Whoever drives tatr Merc this year will be champion !

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