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Sargeant reveals “biggest challenge” of his rookie year

There are a lot of different things that go into having a good weekend in Formula 1, as Logan Sargeant is learning

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Logan Sargeant speaks on his rookie year with Williams Racing and “putting it together every single weekend.”

Williams’ Sargeant on track in the 2023 F1 United States Grand Prix (Image Credit: @WilliamsRacing on X)

The American finished 21st in the standings in 2023, having had some good races and even scored a point but ultimately falling short of expectations compared to his teammate, Alex Albon.

When thinking about the biggest challenges of his rookie year, Sargeant doesn’t point out just one area, like qualifying or race pace, but rather the combination of every different thing that goes into a race weekend.

“I think the biggest challenge is just putting it together every single weekend,” he told “Throughout an F1 weekend, there’s so many variables and so many operational things to get right.

“It’s just really hard to piece it together perfectly throughout an entire weekend. And I think that’s the biggest thing. But experience helps just sort of naturally bring that together.

“I think that’s the thing that’s definitely held me back at times and something I’m still trying to get on top of.”

In 2023, Sargeant had weekends where he qualified well, reaching Q3 on multiple occasions. He also had weekends where he made up a good amount of places and his pace was good. For 2024, he’s hoping it will all come together and he’ll be able to do everything right on any given weekend.

“Whether I score a point or not, I want to have good clean weekends where I put everything together,” he continued.

“And if that means we score points then amazing. If that means we don’t, then it is what it is. But at least if I know that I was able to get everything out of it.

“That’s all I really am looking for. The points are just added bonuses.”

Getting up to speed: F2 cars vs. F1 cars

Like most Formula 1 drivers, Sargeant’s rookie season came after his time in Formula 2. Formula 2 exists as a feeder series, a place for drivers to go to get up to speed and prepare themselves for Formula 1.

“I think F2 is a great series that has great drivers, but I think the gap between the cars is probably a bit too big for what it should be,” Sargeant commented.

“There are just so many more fine details in F1, and there’s just so many more things that add into performance than just getting in the car and driving like you do in F2.”

Formula 2 isn’t meant to be an exact replica of Formula 1, of course. But does it do a good enough job of preparing drivers for their rookie season? Sargeant says the Formula 2 cars are “not quite quick enough.”

“There are so many things that you can do from a driving aspect that you can’t do enough to in an F2 car,” he continued. “There’s just so many more things that add into performance than just getting in the car and driving like you do in F2.

“I feel like that’s the bit you miss. In F2 you just get in and drive, whereas in F1, there’s so many things that need to come together before you’ll be quick.

“And that’s a thing F2 misses for sure. And then yeah, the cars, just in my opinion, are not quite quick enough.”

Feature Image Credit: @LoganSargeant on X

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