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Logan Sargeant during Friday's practice in Silverstone
Logan Sargeant during Friday's practice in Silverstone

Sargeant on Albon: ‘He’s really been able to help’

The American rookie discussed Albon’s impact on his first season at Williams

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Williams driver Logan Sargeant opened up to discuss teammate Alex Albon’s impact on his first season in Formula One, as the rookie admitted he feels “pushed” by the Thai driver’s performance.

Logan Sargeant during the 2023 British GP
Logan Sargeant during the 2023 British GP. Image Credit: Williams F1 Team

The British Grand Prix saw Williams conquer their best weekend so far in the season with Alex Albon finishing eighth and rookie Logan Sargeant just missing out on points in eleventh. The English team left Silverstone seventh in the Constructors’ Championship with eleven points and in front of main rivals Haas, Alfa Romeo, and AlphaTauri.

The American driver then discussed the team’s performance in its home race at Silverstone, recognizing the momentum gained by Grove in the past races. Speaking post-race to members of accredited media including FormulaNerds, Sargeant said: “It was definitely the best race car I felt all year, really good balance. I was comfortable in the car and the pace was strong. So, a bit of a hiccup on the first lap losing a couple of positions, which wasn’t ideal and that safety car coming out one lap after I wasn’t nice. But it is what it is. It was still a great race and happy with what I did.”

Sargeant: ‘I’m working as hard as I can’

In his first season in Formula One, Sargeant’s main focus is on developing and understanding the working of the series better race by race fully backed by the team: “It’s been a good two weekends back to back and we need to keep building on this. I feel like I’m starting to drive much better and much closer to the limit and more just what the car needs. So, everything’s coming together slowly but surely. And if we keep building on this, we will eventually get the points here soon. And that’s our goal.”

With points being the main goal and considering the momentum gained by the team, it looks like a close eye will have to be kept on the Williams pair’s performance in Budapest, as Sargeant guarantees: “I’m working as hard as I possibly can for the team and they’re doing the same for me. So everyone’s motivated, you know, we’re close to the points every weekend and Alex is scoring and, you know that brings so much motivation to all the guys working hard behind the scenes and as drivers, we’ll keep working as hard as we can push, pushing our butts off and hopefully, we can continue this. ”

 Sargeant: ‘Albon has been phenomenal’

On the other side of the garage, Alex Albon, who also spoke with FormulaNerds after the British GP,  has been delivering stellar performances, so much that Italian media are reporting a possible interest of Ferrari in the driver’s future.

In the meanwhile, however, the environment at Williams seems relaxed as Sargeant went on to spend good words for his teammate, admitting that, although the comparison can be hard, the collaboration between the two is working for the overall good of the team: “It’s been amazing, I think he’s been driving phenomenal. And you know, even when I do a good lap, it’s like still a few tents on the table and it’s tough at times. But I feel that if you’re not pushed outside of your comfort zone, you never grow.

And I feel like he’s really been able to help me with that because I’ve come into this year and see what it takes and that’s shown me how hard I need to work to get to that level. And slowly but surely I’m getting there, that’s for sure.”

Headline Image: Williams F1 Team

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