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Sargeant: Albon is “everything you could ask for in a teammate”

Following the reveal of the FW45 livery, the Williams' drivers are ready for the 2023 season

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One of Formula 1’s newest teammate pairings is off to a good start, according to Logan Sargeant.

Williams Formula 1 Albon Sargeant
The new livery for the Williams FW45 (Image Credit: Williams F1)

Sargeant is one of three rookies coming into Formula 1 this year, alongside Oscar Piastri and Nyck de Vries. The American joins Williams Racing, where he’ll be teammates with the much more experienced Alex Albon.

Albon’s been in Formula 1 since 2019 (minus a sabbatical in 2021), and has raced for Toro Rosso, Red Bull, and now Williams. Compared to Sargeant, who’s joining after just one Formula 2 season, he’s a veteran.

“I wouldn’t say [Albon’s passed on] any tips or tricks – I’m sure he keeps those for himself!” Sargeant told Racer. “But just in general he has been a great team player, he clearly wants the best for the team.

“He understands that we have to work together in order for the team to move forward as much as possible. He’s just been very open, very honest, very helpful – everything you could ask for in a teammate, especially as a rookie.”

Getting up to speed

While Sargeant appreciates the help that Albon can provide as a more experienced teammate, he’ll have to do much of the work of getting up to speed all by himself. There’s a lot to learn coming into Formula 1 for the first time, but Sargeant knows what he has to do.

“I think at the end of the day I have to trust myself,” he said. “I have to trust my instincts and what I feel. If we feel like we’re heading in different directions in terms of the way the car’s set-up that’s maybe how it has to go, but hopefully it all feels the same and we can move in the same general direction.

“I plan to not rely on him too much; I feel like I have to stand for myself and go through the hard times and the good times and experience all the different things and ultimately that’s what’ll make you better. I want to make this transition as quick and easy as possible – I know there’s going to be challenges, but hopefully I can get on top of it quickly.”

Williams has been a backmarker team in Formula 1 for some time now, and a year of transition for the team with a new Team Principal and new sponsors means it’ll be an uphill battle for the team.

While no one wants to be stuck at the back, coming into a lower team puts less pressure on Sargeant, and he’ll be in a position to develop without too much pressure to show good results.

What can the Williams pair achieve in 2023? There’s not long left until we find out, with the season kicking off next month in Bahrain.

Feature Image Credit: Williams F1

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