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Sainz: Ferrari’s problems are “part of the experience”

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In contrast to the 2021 season, Carlos Sainz has more problems to contend with in the 2022 season than his teammate. The DNF in Azerbaijan is now added to this streak of bad luck.

Sainz Monaco
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Carlos Sainz had to retire on lap nine in Baku after a hydraulic problem. The weekend had otherwise gone relatively well for him – he started the race from P4.

In previous races, Sainz had failed to finish partly through his fault and partly through the fault of others. That’s why he’s currently 5th in the standings, 33 points behind his teammate.

Sainz’s opinion on Ferrari engine reliability

The Spaniard acknowledges that he has hardly experienced any technical problems so far.

“It’s been pure unluckiness and things not going my way, but I see that Charles had a problem in Barcelona and another one here.

“It’s a difficult day for the team, a difficult day for all the Ferrari family, but I’m sure we will look into it we and we will stay united and keep pushing. It’s still a long season ahead.”

The frustration seems to increase every weekend because Sainz can’t seem to get off the ground.

“On my side, it’s been extremely difficult to get any kind of momentum.

“Every time I do a good race, the next race there’s something happening. 2022 has been extremely frustrating on that side.

“But I’m still hoping that one day all this will finish and we start having a smoother time.”

Ferrari’s future in 2022

Carlos Sainz is convinced that Ferrari will solve the problems experienced as the year progresses.

“It’s part of the experience and part of the process.

“I think we’ve been quite solid as a team this year. There’s been some niggles here and there, but I think the team is doing a very good job.

“Yes, we’ve run into our first double DNF or double reliability issue, but I think the team is doing a great job.

“We just need to make sure we stay calm, we stay united and we react accordingly. We’re learning from these kind of mistakes.

“On the personal side, [it’s] very frustrating to not be able to get any kind of momentum. Again, a retirement on Lap 9 without doing any learning with the car is extremely frustrating, but it’s how it goes.”

It remains exciting to see whether Ferrari will have improved the problems by the next race in Canada or whether Ferrari fans will have to experience another heartbreak.


Headline Image Credit: Clive Mason via Getty Images

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