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Carlos Sainz Ferrari
TOPSHOT - A mechanic carries a tire for Ferrari's Spanish driver Carlos Sainz Jr in the pits of the Zandvoort circuit during the Dutch Formula One Grand Prix on September 4, 2022. (Photo by CHRISTIAN BRUNA / POOL / AFP) (Photo by CHRISTIAN BRUNA/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Sainz defends Ferrari pit crew

The Ferrari pit crew have been praised by Sainz in a recent interview

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Carlos Sainz has come to the defence of the Ferrari Pit Crew, who are often blamed for the team’s mistakes.

Carlos Sainz Ferrari
Carlos Sainz at the Hungarian Grand Prix. Image Credit: ATP Images via Getty Images

2022 could have been the year Ferrari won a championship. At the start of the year, everything looked set for the team. Two great drivers and a fast car. Yet it has slipped away so quickly for the team for a number of reasons.

The pit crew often face blame

Both Leclerc and Sainz are no strangers to a shunt or a spin. But many problems for Ferrari this year have come from behind closed doors. Ferrari strategists and the pit crew have taken blame this year too. 

Carlos Sainz has recently defended the pit crew to Spanish news site, AS. He said:

“They love Ferrari to the fullest, the same or more than the driver himself, they are super linked to Ferrari and live this passion more than any Tifosi and any journalist, but they are criticised a lot. Especially after Zandvoort, a lot of people still ask me how it was possible that a mechanic wasn’t ready, but that happens because they haven’t called him in time to be ready.”

For those who don’t remember the painful Ferrari pit stop at Zandvoort, here’s a reminder. Sainz’s first pit stop took a turn for the worst when only three tyres were brought out. This cost him seconds. His final pit stop at Zandvoort saw him penalised for an unsafe release.

Both of these examples have seen the pit crew face blame. Sainz, however, placed blame on McLaren during his third pit stop. The tyre mishap is the responsibility of the strategists, according to Sainz. He said, “A mechanic will always be there, it can be explained once again that Zandvoort’s mistake was not the mechanics, but the late call.”

Various Ferrari problems

Pit stops have only been one of the various problems for Ferrari this year. Reliability has been a problem too. Who can forget their double DNF at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix? 

Sainz has been very candid about his own problems too. Especially at the start of the season, struggling to get to grips with the F1-75:

“It frustrated me, because it is not a problem that I had. I am a driver who has always adapted very quickly to the cars in which I have competed. I have always been very close to my team-mates or ahead.”

Sainz’s misfortune has cost him fourth place in the Drivers Championship. George Russell now leads the Spaniard by five points. Will Sainz catch him by the end of the season?

Featured Image Credit: Christian Bruna via Getty Images

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