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Ross Brawn to step down

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Formula One managing director of motorsports Ross Brawn is set to step down at the end of next year, chief technical officer Pat Symonds is also planning to leave his role in the summer.

This news comes after it was in a document issued by F1. The document is an update on future developments within the organisation.

It indicates that Brawn was “expected” to leave his role.

The exact timing of his departure has not yet been finalised.

It is also not clear whether he will retain a honorary or consultancy role with the F1 organisation, or who might replace him.

Back in March 2017, Brawn chose his former Benetton colleague Symonds to head F1’s new technical department, which would focus on the future regulations.

These were supposed to be introduced this year, however, they were postponed until 2022.

With these rules signed off and the 2026 power unit regulations set to be rubber stamped soon, Symonds has decided to step back.

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