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Rodin Cars lose F1 bid despite a plan to reserve ‘one seat for a female driver’

Rodin Cars had their plan crushed after Formula One rejected their bid for a grid slot in 2026

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Rodin Cars have revealed their bid for a place on the Formula One grid has been unsuccessful. The New Zealand-based team were rejected despite “reserving one seat for a female driver”.

Rodin Cars
Liam Lawson of Carlin looks on during the Formula 2 Championship 2022. (Photo by Joe Portlock – Formula 1/Formula Motorsport Limited via Getty Images)

Rodin Cars’ absence from the shortlist for potential candidates for a space on the grid in 2026 has left Andretti Global as the sole remaining contender.

A female driver hasn’t raced in Formula One since Lella Lombardi in 1976. However, many have tried with the likes of Giovanna Amati attempting to qualify with Brabham in 1992 and, more recently, Susie Wolff, who was a test driver for Williams but was never able to claim a full-time drive.

Now, Jessica Hawkins has reignited the chance for women to get into motorsport. She became the first female driver in five years to get behind the wheel of a Formula One car, after taking part in a test for Aston Martin, completing 26 laps of the Hungaroring.

But despite the decision regarding Rodin Cars, the Kiwi outfit has released a statement laying out the plans they had for the future, claiming it is “in the public interest”. Rodin Cars stated:

“We fully respect and accept the outcome. Our sole purpose is to release information we consider in the public interest to inform the Formula 1 community.

“We committed to reserving one seat for a female driver. We have tested Liam Lawson, Jamie Chadwick, and Louis Sharp at our facility in New Zealand in both an F3 car and our own car, the Rodin FZed, which is a car somewhat quicker than a GP2/F2 car.

“Jamie performed exceptionally well, and if she was available, we would have no hesitation in putting her in a seat.”

No room for Rodin

Rodin, if successful, was set to become the first team to be based out of a country in the Southern Hemisphere with their factory set to be established in their home country of New Zealand.

More recently, they had partnered up with a dominant force in junior formula categories, Carlin Motorsport, in the hope that their collaboration would allow drivers from European countries to progress up into Formula One, a similar style to that of Red Bull, which also uses their driver academy to feed their Formula One team.

In the statement, Rodin Cars also added:

“While Andretti has a long history of successful participation in U.S. racing, our program offers a direct ladder to an F1 drive by competing in UK and European championships.

“We appreciate the opportunity to have participated in the FIA process and extend our best wishes to Andretti for their successful bid; Rodin Cars remains committed to pushing the boundaries of motorsport and will continue to pursue excellence in the world of racing.”

Rodin also revealed their plans that they were in talks with Ferrari as a potential engine supplier for 2026. However, it remains to be seen whether running a Formula One team without having resources in Europe would be possible with every other team on the current grid having a European base.

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