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Daniel Ricciardo
SUZUKA, JAPAN - OCTOBER 09: Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and McLaren looks on from the drivers parade prior to the F1 Grand Prix of Japan at Suzuka International Racing Course on October 09, 2022 in Suzuka, Japan. (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images )

Ricciardo on 2023 break: “It’s what I need”

The Aussie has opened up on what 2023 will look like for him

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Daniel Ricciardo has shared some positives on taking a break from the grid next year.

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo in Monza. Image Credit: Clive Mason via Getty Images

Ricciardo is being very open about the fact that there aren’t lots of options on the grid for him next year. 

Only two teams, Haas and Williams, are yet to announce their second driver now that Alpha Tauri has confirmed Nyck de Vries and Alpine has announced Pierre Gasly.

Ricciardo has since confirmed that it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing him on the grid next year. So, we can only assume that Haas and Williams are not options for him.

Ricciardo on leaving the grid

Leaving the grid after 11 years will be hard for the Aussie. But, he has shared that there are some positives to his departure. Speaking to Sky Sports he said:

“I wanted to give it a few races and the more that time passes, the more I feel like it’s what I need. Albeit as well the opportunities… there’s not really anything in the form of next year! It’s part I would like the break and need to reset a little bit, and part 2024 as well, some other things may open up.”

Ricciardo’s 2022 season has notoriously not gone to plan. Norris is over 80 points ahead of his team-mate in the standings. With only four races left, it’s not likely that Ricciardo will catch up.

His McLaren contract is coming to a bitter-sweet end with only four races left for Ricciardo as an F1 driver.

 Looking into the future of Formula 1

Ricciardo isn’t focusing on how much time he has left. He’s focusing on how much time he has ahead of him. He’s made it clear that the main goal is to return to Formula 1 in 2024:

“I think that there could be some better opportunities in 2024, so that’s really what all this confirms and now where the sights are set. Certainly the plan is to be involved in F1. It’s kind of like just hitting pause for a little bit, as I see it. And let’s say as far as my F1 career goes the full intention is for ’24.”

A reserve role in 2023 may be in Ricciardo’s clutches. Mercedes can now no longer use Nyck de Vries as their reserve driver in 2023. So, they may consider taking on Ricciardo. 

Ricciardo will be missed on the grid next year, but by the sounds of things, we’ll see him back in 2024.

Featured Image Credit: Mark Thompson via Getty Images

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