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Ricciardo: ‘Lewis isn’t the only one who could win in that car’

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McLaren’s newest arrival has shared his thoughts on Sir Lewis Hamilton’s record-breaking Formula 1 career.

Sir Lewis Hamilton has certainly made his mark on the sport since debuting for McLaren at the Australian Grand Prix of 2007.

In his first F1 drive, he achieved an impressive third place before securing his first win six races later.

After narrowly missing out on the championship by one point in his rookie season, the Brit went on to take the crown just a year later.

His bold decision to move to Mercedes in 2012 has proven worthwhile, as the 36 year old now holds the most successful driver record in F1 history. His 2008 title still remains the last drivers championship that McLaren have won.

One man who will be hoping to change that in the foreseeable future is Daniel Ricciardo, who joined the Woking based constructor ahead of the 2021 season.


Credit: McLaren F1 Team , Source: Twitter

During an in-depth interview with Square Mile, Ricciardo was asked to what extent he feels Hamilton owes his success to his own talents or to the dominance of Mercedes throughout the Turbo Hybrid era.

He said: “To answer it diplomatically, I think Lewis isn’t the only one that could win races in that car. That’s obviously my opinion.”

George Russell made his Mercedes debut at the 2020 Sakhir Grand Prix as he stepped in to cover for Hamilton, who had contracted Coronavirus.

During his performance he out-classed Valtteri Bottas, who has been Hamilton’s teammate since 2017.

The Fin has failed to put up a strong championship challenge every season since, something Ricciardo also feels takes the limelight away from Hamilton.

“I think that George Russell, in a way, showed the possibility of that by pretty much beating Valtteri [Bottas] in his first race,” he told Square Mile.

“So you could argue that just maybe Lewis doesn’t have the strongest competition.”

One thing that is certain though is that Hamilton is now facing a true test in 2021. As the incredibly talented Max Verstappen now sits in a more superior Red Bull in the search for his much awaited first driver’s crown.

Fans can only dream of how spicier this season would have been had Ricciardo not disembarked from Red Bull in 2018. Maybe he also wonders about that too…



  1. This the man who ran from Verstappen and didn’t challenge Vettel in 2014…

    He’s not as good as he thinks he is; yes, lots of people could win the Mercedes, but would all of them beat Hamilton in the same equipment? You’d say on the balance of the evidence we’ve seen thus far, that’s not likely, given only 2 people in 15 seasons have done that.

    Hamilton isn’t paid to drive the fastest car, he’s paid to drive the fastest car faster than anyone else.

    Let’s see RIC beat his team mate at Mclaren before he goes spouting off more nonsense.

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