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Ricciardo has set himself some huge targets for the 2024 season

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Daniel Ricciardo has said he wants to be fighting for the world championship with McLaren by 2024.

McLaren boss Zak Brown has said that the team should be in a position to fight for the title by 2024, allowing time for the team to get to grips with some added infrastructure – including a new windtunnel.

Ricciardo is looking forward to the future and believes that McLaren is on track to achieve its aims.

“I understand that the team is on a great trajectory,” said Ricciardo, as quoted by Autosport.

But now there are still a few hurdles in place that are probably going to stop us, let’s say, fighting for a championship for the next year or two.

“But it is a bit of a reality now that the windtunnel is a pretty big piece of the puzzle. It might be the last piece of the puzzle for the team.

“I think me, looking at it now, I really look to just to try and keep building on where I am now over the next couple of years with McLaren, and then hopefully put myself in a prime spot for that ’24 season.

“It sounds crazy to talk that far ahead. But yeah, sometimes you’ve got to think like that.”

Since joining McLaren this year after his departure from Renault, Ricciardo has struggled to get up to speed.

He currently trails teammate Lando Norris by 63 points in the drivers’ standings, sitting down in ninth.

Ricciardo has only outscored Norris at two races this year

Despite not quite being where he’d like to be at this stage, Ricciardo is still optimistic he can turn his fortunes around.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely trying!” he added.

“I want all the glory today! But I guess the experience tells me that it’s definitely a process.

“But I guess with the age and wisdom and probably maturity comes some more composure than say, when I was younger, expecting the world from everything and it wasn’t happening.

“Then yeah, I probably would have thrown a few tantrums by now and lost it mentally so to speak.

“So that’s where being here for a while now kinda helps take a breath, step back, go through it and understand that there’s a reason why things aren’t great right now. I need to find some answers as opposed to just throw my hands up and walk away from it all.”

It’s been over three years since Ricciardo last victory at Monaco, and the Australian has admitted that he’s had to change his mentality to stay motivated while driving for midfield teams.

“In a way you have to change a little bit,” the 32-year-old added.  “I don’t know its mindset, goals, target, but you have to create different victories in your mind where a victory might not always be first place.

“Going back to last year a victory at Renault was getting that car onto the podium. I knew if I was able to do that would give me that satisfaction.

“So ultimately, yes, nothing beats winning and that’s what I signed up for when I was young trying to do all this.

“I know you’re only going to win if you’re in that top team or maybe those four cars a year. If you’re not, you’ve got to set other targets for yourself and keep your stock high, keep your motivation high.

“It’s probably the only sport in the world that has such a low win percentage. Like… I’ll refer to a team sport – 50% of the time you’re winning.

“Where F1, I dunno, my win ratio is probably like 2% or something. It’s crazy. You find other ways to enjoy it I guess.”


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