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Red Bull reveal the RB19

Red Bull revealed the 2023 contender - the RB19 - in New York

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Red Bull revealed their 2023 challenger – the RB19 – in New York today.

The Austrian outlet is coming from two successful Formula One campaigns. Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton to the title in 2021 amid controversial decisions. In 2022, Red Bull were unstoppable and won both Constructors’ and Drivers’ championships. Throughout the season, they won 17 of the 22 races and 15 of them were won by the Dutchman.

As for the past two seasons, Red Bull decided to stick with their line-up of reigning Champion Max Verstappen and Mexican Sergio Perez. Heading into next year, the team are looking to be once again strong title contenders.

However, the atmosphere surrounding Red Bull is different this year. Last season, they had an initial challenge from Ferrari, who then had a negative turn in their season. This year, Mercedes are looking into stepping up their game and once again fighting it out with Red Bull.

Meanwhile, the drivers had a controversial end to the season. In Brazil, Verstappen didn’t give his teammate the place back. The decision on why he didn’t let his teammate through was never made public.

Perez said that this showed who Verstappen “really is.” Especially, after how many times he helped to hold up Lewis Hamilton throughout 2021 and give the Dutchman more time to recover or space to gain time.

This saw Perez and Charles Leclerc go into the final race at the Yas Marina on equal points. Ferrari and the Monagesque ensured that there is no space for error and Leclerc finished on top. It caused Perez a second-place season finish.

Red Bull insist that the drivers talked the matter out and that there is no bad blood between them. However, Formula One is full of surprises and drivers that want to win races and championships. Will we see the same alliance between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez this season? Or will there be a divide that might even cost Red Bull?

Featured Image Credit: Red Bull Racing Official Twitter

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