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Red Bull Porsche deal has a high risk of collapsing

After months of anticipation of a Red Bull Porsche partnership, the deal is reportedly off

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Although Audi CEO Markus Duesmann announced Porsche at the Audi press conference. The partnership between Red Bull and Porsche has now reportedly collapsed.

Red Bull Porsche teasing Formula 1 entry
Porsche teasing their entry into Formula 1 (Image Credit: CarBuzz)

According to, Red Bull and Porsche’s partnership is at a huge risk of collapsing. Porsche revealed their intention of joining Formula 1 by trademarking the phrase ‘F1NALLY’.

This came after Max Verstappen’s victory at the Dutch Grand Prix, as the Austrian team are looking good to win both championships this year.

What is the main cause of the collapse?

Porsche’s plan was to take over 50 percent of Red Bull’s Technology chassis factory. The German manufacturers also wanted to work with Red Bull High Performance Powertrains. The aim was to build Porsche power units from 2026 onwards.

However, despite Porsche wanting to make their own power units. The iconic brands were willing to build the power units from Milton Keynes still. This was a different plan to Audi as they wanted to build their engines in Germany.

How the Audi announcement caused confusion

Last week at the Belgian Grand Prix, Audi boss Markus Duesmann caused a lot of anger and confusion. This was because the German had unauthorised permission to announce the entry of Audi to Formula 1.

Audi announced their entry into the sport last week, partnering Sauber for the 2026 season and beyond. However, there was no announcement of their sister team partnering up with Red Bull.

Many anticipated that Porsche were going to announce their partnership with the Austrian team at their home race in Spielberg. Especially now with them registering the trademark ‘F1NALLY’. However, this was not the case.

The main cause of the disagreement was due to the power both parties wanted. Red Bull did not agree with the German manufacturers idea of being in charge and making all of the decisions.

Porsche still want to enter Formula 1 in 2026 reports that Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko said the negotiations between themselves and Porsche have stopped:

“Porsche will not become a shareholder with us. We have every opportunity to build our own engines.”

Despite the collapse with Red Bull, it hasn’t stopped the Swabian’s intention of joining Formula 1. An alternative reported has been McLaren.

McLaren’s team boss Andreas Seidl was part of a successful Le Mans project with the German manufacturer and still apparent has excellent contacts with the team.

Feature Image Credit: @Formula_Nerds on Twitter

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