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Red Bull Debuts On The NFT Scene

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Red Bull Racing have partnered with Tezos high-performance blockchain and are unveiling their very first digital collectibles drop of racing memorabilia.

The NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique pieces of memorabilia available for fans.

Red Bull Racing’s journey begins with the limited edition Mexican GP helmet of Sergio Perez. Perez will be wearing this helmet in the upcoming race this weekend.

The NFTs are a limited series and there will be only 10,000 units of them available on Tezos’ marketplace Sweet. As well as Perez’s helmet, Red Bull will be giving away Digital Collectibles of the race suit design for Perez this weekend.

Tezos has already launched multiple NFT initiatives, but Christian Horner, Red Bull CEO and principal, is thankful of their partnership as:

“Red Bull Racing has always been at the forefront of innovation and technology, both on and off track, and our first set of digital collectibles carries on this tradition thanks to the partners like Tezos.”

Red Bull Racing has joined McLaren Racing in this new era of digital collectibles to enhance fan engagement with the sport, evolving fan experience.

McLaren’s first NFT drop honoured their MCL35M F1 car, giving fans the chance to see each component of the car whilst potentially winning fantastic prizes.

Alpha Tauri driver, Pierre Gasly, also released NFTs, becoming the first F1 driver to do so.

Fans should most definitely keep an eye out for future announcements, as Red Bull Racing are likely to drop for NFTs soon.

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