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Recent Pirelli Problems & Proposed Plans For Next Year

When tyre troubles affect drivers' ability to push to the limit.

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After the unfortunate tyre issues at the Baku Grand Prix, many around the world are wondering how this may affect cars at races moving forward.

This will be a different story next year as Pirelli’s new 18-inch tyres are designed with characteristics for less degradation and overheating.

Mario Isola, head of F1 and car racing for Pirelli said, “We know that with the current cars are very fast, even if much heavier compared to the past, you put a lot of stress on the tyres. This generates degradation and also when you follow another car you lose downforce and it is an additional element. So we are working together with the FIA and F1 in order to have a different situation for next year.”

In 2022, the level of downforce and weight distribution will be most important to meet the regulations.

Isola insisted, “We have to focus on compounds with a wider working range and to reduce the overheating. The degradation cannot be zero for all the compounds because otherwise there is no reason to have strategies with more than one stop or using different compounds. We have to look at those targets and try to design compounds with these characteristics.”

Drivers will be pushing hard through each lap. This way, Pirelli can measure the degradation during tyre tests. The development and results will validate producing tyres that are sustainable for a longer period of time.

There will be five compounds designed to race on 23 global circuits. Next year’s pre-season testing will be key to determine how to best prepare the tyres. After final feedback and data collected, Pirelli can provide plans to the FIA for review. Hopefully, the tyre upgrades will improve driver capabilities in our competitive sport. Pirelli has been the only F1 tyre supplier since 2011.

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