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Proof That Pierre Gasly Helped Verstappen In Qatar

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Footage has emerged of Alpha Tauri’s Pierre Gasly helping Max Verstappen pass him during Sunday’s Qatar Grand Prix.

It always pays to have a backup, and the Red Bull team appeared to use their backups to full effect in Qatar.

After a controversial grid penalty sent Max Verstappen tumbling down the starting order, all eyes turned to former Red Bull driver Pierre Gasly, who lined up on the front row of the grid beside Lewis Hamilton.

Four laps in and Gasly found himself just in front of Verstappen’s Red Bull – and let’s just say that he didn’t exactly make overtaking difficult:

Despite the DRS zone opening at the start of the home straight, Gasly didn’t open his rear wing until Verstappen was alongside him and heading into turn one.

Of course, being in a sister team, there isn’t anything sinister about this manoeuvre and it’s something most fans have seen before.

In an interview with Esteban Ocon justified letting by Lewis Hamilton in Monaco by saying:

“It was useless for us to lose time against him. The important thing for me was to not lose time against Gasly, against Alonso, all those drivers I was fighting with. That’s it.”

I’d just hoped they’d make it a little less obvious.

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