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Pirelli Selects Tyres For Monaco GP

Learn how C3, C4 and C5 tyres are categorised.

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The teams are heading to Monaco over the next few days for an exciting race weekend.

Pirelli selected soft Pirelli C5 tyres for round 5. This will be the first time that the teams are using the softest compound.

C5 which stands for Compound 5 will debut. The tyre is one of the fastest compounds that Pirelli has produced. The tyre is made to accommodate all of the circuits. The drivers are able to get extra speed. These tyres help to improve the aerodynamic appendage.

Mario Isola, head of F1 and car racing said, “Monaco is unique. Mechanical grip is key to success as is qualifying and strategy, with the renowned difficulty in overtaking. This puts the accent firmly on track position, with the drivers having to extract the very maximum from the softest C5 tyre in qualifying. Strategy tends to be reactive, with teams making their stops at the moment that gives them the maximum advantage on track.”

The track characteristics are great for traction and downforce. The braking, lateral and tyre stress and asphalt grip/abrasion will vary. Soft tyres have a shorter lifespan. To deal with this, Pirelli composed a high-level package to help the front and rear wing balance downforce levels. The other tyres will be P Zero White hard tyre as C3 and P Zero Yellow medium tyres as C4.

The tyres will see the most impact in the corners on the track. The Monaco street circuit has one of the lowest levels of roughness. With that in mind, there will be low energy loads for the tyres. This could be a one-stop race.

In 2019, Hamilton won the race with a soft to medium strategy. Other drivers went from soft to hard tyres. Let’s see how the team strategies play out. Will it be Hamilton or Verstappen? Maybe McLaren will surprise with their amazing new livery. What are your race predictions? Let us know in the comments on social media!

Headline Image Credit: Pirelli.

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